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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 23 July 2019

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1:15 Keeping homes warm in South Auckland

A new initiative has been set up to make sure homes in South Auckland are warm, dry and healthy.

It's one of three focuses for Kootuitui ki Papakura, a charitable organisation which provides services for the community, centering around six Papakura schools. 

They have works hops with tips on how to keep homes warm - like putting bubble wrap against windows - as well as installations and repairs for houses.  

Angela Gattung is the Executive Officer and is with me to explain how it works. Find out more here



1:27 The growing Pacific Islands Chocolate trade

Some of the best cacao to make chocolate is now grown in the Pacific Islands. 

It's taken many years to grow the cacao trade there but now makers in New Zealand and Australia are choosing Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands for ethical, sustainable chocolate.

Luke Owen Smith from The Chocolate Bar in Wellington is a craft chocolate curator and has created a Pacific Chocolate Box for people to taste what's being made. He's here to talk more about the industry. 

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Photo: Luke Owen Smith

1:35 Earth Overshoot Day

Next Monday is Earth Overshoot Day. That's the day when we've used up a year's worth of resources. 

It's a global average - New Zealand hit its overshoot day back in May. Every year the day gets closer and this year it's earlier than ever before. 

So how do we push that day out and why does it matter? We talk to Claire Insley from the Vegan society.

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1:50 John Bluck:  Who wants to be a Pakeha?

It's time to join the writer and social commentator John Bluck as he begins a series exploring a key component of New Zealand identity.


2:10 Book Critic: Lisa Glass

Lisa reviews Greg McGee's Necessary Secrets, Jennifer DuBois The Spectators and a non-fiction - Taylor Downing 1983 Reagan, Andropov and the world on the brink 


2:20 Music Feature: Songs banned by radio

There's nothing like pop music to get the "squares" riled up. There have been plenty of controversies around music and Simon Sweetman has a taste of what's caused a stir on the radio airwaves,  from The Who to Billie Holiday.

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3:10 John Hudson: Conquering the mundane

Learning how to start a fire with a few twigs and a packet of chewing gum is an important survival skill. But learning how to light a fire within yourself, to persevere and push your limits, and prepare for the unexpected, that's a survival skill that will serve you in the jungles of the Amazon or the office.  

John Hudson is the Chief Survival Instructor to the British Military. He applies what he's learned  from real life and death situations to challenges we all face daily in his new book, How to Survive: Lessons for Everyday Life from the Extreme World.

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Photo: Pan Macmillan / John Hudson

3:30 Spoken Feature - BBC Witness

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Heather Roy and Bernard Hickey