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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 7 June 2019

1:10 Terrible Sons perform in Christchurch

Husband-and-wife duo Terrible Sons have quite the musical CV, having written songs for Blondie and toured in other projects with Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie and INXS.

They're about to release their new single, Hold Fire, and join us to perform it in our Christchurch studio.

1:15 He Ara Kotahi: Palmy's new bridge

Palmerston North is getting a new bridge! You may be thinking, who cares? But this 9 kilometre walkway is important for almost 18,000 people that live and work in the area. 

The pathway connects the city to various important organisations while taking walkers and cyclists through farms, pa sites, forests, and a military camp. 

Massey student Ross Bidlake lives in Cloverlea and will be using the new pathways to get to uni, and he's joins us to explain why it's a big deal.

1:25 New show about New Zealand's volcanoes

Aotearoa has volcanoes stretching along most of its length - from the active ones like Ruapehu to the ones that left a deep mark on the land, like Taupo. 

Three part series Beneath New Zealand follows researchers as they look into what lies underneath, to see what we can learn from volcanoes, eruptions and and disasters. 

The show starts on Sunday on Prime and we're joined now by one of the scientists involved, The University of Auckland's Associate Professor Jan Lindsay.

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Photo: Supplied / SKY

1:35 Miniature structures 3D printed

Miniaturisation is at the heart of a breakthrough new innovation using 3D printing. 

The invention is called MicroMaker and it can print structures smaller than a human hair. 

MicroMaker's creators Andrea Bubendorfer and Andrew Best are finalists in the 2019 KiwiNet Awards, and Andrea is with us now to tell us more about the technology.

Andrea Bubendorfer and Andrew Best work on MicroMaker

Andrea Bubendorfer and Andrew Best work on MicroMaker Photo: Supplied

1:40 Great album

2:10 Film Review

Richard Swainson reviews Sometimes Always Never and Godzilla: King of the Monsters

2:20 NZ Live: Mark Mazengarb, Katie Martucci & Jess Hindin

Katie Martucci, Jess Hindin and Mark Mazengarb are currently on Tour in NZ, but they're stopping off at our Auckland studio to entertain us with their unique blend of of Gypsy Jazz, Old Time and Swing.

They are in Auckland tonight, then Whangarei, Thames, Tauranga and Wellington.

Tour and ticket information can be found on Mark's facebook page here

Mark Mazengarb, Katie Matucci & Jess Hindin

Mark Mazengarb, Katie Matucci & Jess Hindin Photo: RNZ / Andre Upston

3:10 Poached Tamarillo and Coconut Tart​: Delight for the Soul

Alexandra Tylee owner of Pipi Pizza and cook book writer extraordinaire believes the future of food for us here in Aotearoa is flexitarianism, and that our wellbeing and that of the environment has a huge impact on how we should be eating in 2019.

She drops in to share the secrets to her tasty Poached Tamarillo and Coconut Tart. You can see the recipe here

Poached Tamarillo and Coconut Tart

Poached Tamarillo and Coconut Tart Photo: Supplied / Alexandra Tylee

3:25 Critter of the Week: Chatham Island Shag

It's Critter of the Week time and DOC's Threatened Species Ambassador, Nicola Toki, joins the programme today to tell us all about the Chatham Island Shag.

She says there are 34 species worldwide with 12 recorded in NZ, 8 of which are endemic and only shag with pink feet found on the Chatham Islands!

Chatham Island Shag (Leucocarbo onslowi)

Chatham Island Shag (Leucocarbo onslowi) Photo: CC BY 4.0 / Judi Lapsley Miller

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Emma Espiner and Jerome Chandrahasen