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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 6 May 2019


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1:15 North Shore development 

Auckland's development remains one of the biggest talking points in New Zealand and since 2015 there's been a new big player in town. Panuku Development Holdings was formed by the Auckland Council in 2015 out of the merger of Waterfront Auckland and Auckland Council Properties Limited and it's the owner of a lot of the high value waterfront property. 

But what is the oversight of the organisation and why is so much of Auckland's development run by organisations with acronyms very few people know? New Zealand Herald writer Simon Wilson is in to let us know what's going on. 

An artist impression of the government's alternative plan for an America's Cup Village, with more bases on Wynyard Point.

An artist impression of the government's alternative plan for an America's Cup Village, with more bases on Wynyard Point. Photo: Supplied / MBIE

1:25 Who were the Denisovans? 

Archaeologists have unearthed a jawbone in Tibet which changes the way we see our pre-human relatives. Until very recently the only remains of Denisovans that we've been able to find have been in a Siberian cave called Denisova. 

This is a particularly exciting development for researchers of Neanderthals and suggests a much wider range than was ever imagined for pre-human migration. It's also an interesting story for the Pacific as Melanesia in particular has a strong Denisovan legacy. 

1:35 Aerial photography 

New Zealander Petra Leary is photographer obsessed with looking at things from above. Her latest work Flight Series is a collection of bird’s eye aerial photographs of basketball courts as striking backdrops for urban portraits. She has a solo show coming up on the 17th of May at Flying Fish in Auckland. 

She's also currently a finalist in the Sony World Photo Competition and joins us to talk about what's it's like looking down on the world with a camera in your hands. 

Saturday by Petra Leary

Saturday by Petra Leary Photo: Petra Leary

1:40 Great album

2:10 Television Critic Linda Burgess

2:20 Cycling in schools

We always hear that some things are like riding a bike, but how do we actually learn to ride?

Former world champion mountain biker Scarlett Hagen has set up a programme called Bike School which  aims to help people of all ages and abilities learn to mountain bike. They run courses around the countries and work in schools to encourage adults and children to give it a go. 

She joins Jesse to explain how to help people be safe and have fun while purposefully hurtling down a hill. 

Mountain bike rider on bike path in Queenstown, New Zealand

Photo: 123RF

2:30 Expert on New Zealand Spiders

In New Zealand there are around 2000 species - some are endemic and others have made their way here by hitching a ride with humans. They live in many different habitats from your bathroom to forests, beaches and alpine regions.

Dr Leilani Walker is our spider expert today, she also identifies some of the spiders in photos sent by listeners - see below

3:10 Turning kid's anxiety into resilience

Parents, with the best of intentions, can inadvertently create anxiety in their children by over scheduling and worrying too much about doing everything right. Bestselling author Michael Grose and researcher Dr Jodi Richardson have some advice. Just breathe.

They've come up with strategies and techniques  for parents and kids to worry less and live more. Their new book is called  Anxious Kids How Children Can Turn Their Anxiety Into Resilience

46448655 - portrait of sad teen girl at the day time.

Photo: altanaka/123RF

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