1:10 Geoff Ong live in studio

Auckland pop musician and Geoff Ong has just released a new single. The multi instrumentalist joins us to talk music and performs his new song live.

Geoff Ong

Geoff Ong Photo: supplied [https://geoffong.bandcamp.com/]

1:15 Eels being mashed by hydrodam turbines en route to spawn

It's a tough life, being an eel - and even tougher when your route back to spawn in the Pacific Islands is blocked by massive turbines which can mince you up like a blender.

Waikato fisherman Erin Tindale reckons we should be doing more for eels that survive their Odyssey-like journey from Tonga to New Zealand and back again, and joins us to explain how and why.

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Photo: petervick167/123RF

1:25 Need for more retiree housing

The over-65 demographic is projected to increase by more than 40 percent over the next nine years.

But new research out of the University of Otago shows fewer and fewer of those people own their own homes - and given spiralling rents and pressures on public housing, the problem will only grow unless it's addressed soon.

Dr Helen Roberts talks to Wallace about the growing gap between homeowners and renters, and how that can be addressed.

Elderly couple

Elderly couple Photo: 123.rf

1:35 Explaining Autism through comedy

Nick Gibb

Nick Gibb Photo: Supplied/Nick Gibb

Comedian Nick Gibbs life changed drastically when he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism two years ago.

Since then, the 34-year-old has turned his exploration of autism and how it is understood in wider society into a new comedy show "High, Functioning Autistic," which is set to feature at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Nick is with Wallace in Auckland to chat about some of the experiences that informed his new show. 

1:40 Great album: Another Level by Blackstreet

2:10 Television Critic Graeme Tuckett

Graeme reviews three shows, plus gives us his take on the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

Bad Seed is (TVNZ)
Behind the Curve (Netflix).
Kiri and Lou (TVNZ On Demand).

2:20 Israel Adesanya wins UFC interim middleweight title

Over the weekend Kiwi-Nigerian mixed martial artist Israel Adesanya defeated the American Kevin Gastelum to win the UFC's interim middleweight belt.

RNZ Sport journalist Ravinder Hunia, who's followed Adesanya's career for some time, is here to explain why it's such a big deal, and what's next for New Zealand combat sport's biggest superstar.

Israel Adesanya reacts after winning the UFC interim MW title belt a bout against Kelvin Gastelum.

Israel Adesanya reacts after winning the UFC interim MW title belt a bout against Kelvin Gastelum. Photo: John David Mercer

2:30 Expert on Game of Thrones

Lena Headey in season seven of Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey in season seven of Game of Thrones. Photo: HBO

Game of Thrones mania is upon us, as the final season premiered on television around the world earlier today. For many of you though, you have probably been left wondering what all the fuss is about? To take you through a crash course of Game of Thrones 101, RNZ's resident Thrones expert, William Ray, joins Wallace to break down what the show is all about and just why it is so popular. 

3:10 Beth McColl: getting through severe depression

There are days when writer and advice columnist Beth McColl simply could not get out of bed, crippled by anxiety and depression and a shouty  voice in her head telling her she was not good enough.  But she's come through the darkness and now lives on the other side of depression.  She shares her insights about how to get through bad days, what to ask doctors and how to forgive yourself in her new book, How to Come Alive Again: A guide to killing your monsters

Beth McColl signin copies of her book, How to Come Alive Again

Beth McColl signin copies of her book, How to Come Alive Again Photo: Supplied/https://twitter.com/imteddybles

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