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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 31 October 2018

Short Story Club

This week we discuss a story by Marilyn Duckworth called Butterfly Smith

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1:10 First song: Jess Cornelius

LA based kiwi singer songwriter, Jess Cornelius is back in NZ to visit family and play a show in Wellington

She performs live in our Wellington studio

Jess Cornelius

Jess Cornelius Photo: supplied

1:15 Poetry - a living and a calling

LitCrawl is fast-approaching - the annual event where writers, poets, and performers gather to share stories in Wellington. 

Our live Short Story Club will be held once again but there is also a range of international artists travelling here for sessions.

One of them is Kaveh Akbar, a renowned poet. The author, who hails from Iran, is best known for his book Calling a Wolf a Wolf. He's here to tell us a bit more about himself and his work.

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Photo: Hieu Minh Nguyen

1:27  Jessica Smith - Give a frog for Christmas 

Ethical gift giving has increased in popularity in the past few years, despite the fact it's a bit controversial. Some people don't think much of a gift of a goat given to a drought-stricken village. But others love it. 

World Vision has joined in and set up its own programme Smiles to help countries in the Pacific. World Vision New Zealand's head of Pacific Development, Jessica Smith explains how it works.

1:35 Sound Archives: The liberation of Le Quesnoy

This Sunday, commemorations will take place here and in Europe to mark the liberation of the French town of Le Quesnoy, by New Zealanders in World War I.  Recordings from the sound archives at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision tell the story, as Sarah Johnston explains.

Film of Curly Blyth's war memories on NZonScreen:

Listen to the full interview with Leslie Averill

Listen to the full interview with Māori Pioneer George Pūhi Nicholas

1:40 Great album

2:20 Bookmarks: Craig Jackson

Craig "Jacks" Jackson has has done a lot if things in life. From radio and theatre, to film making. One of his films even won a "Sexiest Film" Award!

His latest endeavour is manufacturing organic ice-blocks from his home-based industrial kitchen north of Auckland.

He joins us for Bookmarks to talk about the films, TV, books and plays that bring him joy. 

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Photo: supplied

3:10  A Republican Strategist says Trump is the Worst President Ever

Voters in America will be going to the polls shortly for a mid-term election that may be a referendum on the man in the White House, Donald Trump.  

For long Time Republican strategist Rick Wilson the verdict on the Trump presidency is already in: he's destroying the Republican party. 

Wilson says the party will ultimately pay the price for accepting Trump's brand of populism.

The Republican insider says too many people are looking the other way and the party needs a Trump exit strategy. His book is Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever

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Photo: AFP or licensors

3:35 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Alexia Russell and Peter Dunne

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Photo: RNZ/Liminal/DoC


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