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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 5 October 2018

New Critter of the Week T-shirts! 

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Today we announced our new selection of limited edition Critter of the Week T-shirts, including children's sizes plus a tea towel! 

To order one click here, you only have until 31st October to get your orders in. 

1:10 First song - Adam McGrath

My first song guest today is no stranger to the RNZ studio, we've had him for NZ Live as part of Lyttleton country band The Eastern. 

But Adam McGrath is on his own today, accompanied only by his guitar. He's in the middle of a national tour with The Roaring Days and has stopped by to play us a tune.

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1:15 Marcus Elliot: Christchurch Coroner 

Christchurch based Coroner Marcus Elliot

Christchurch based Coroner Photo: Supplied

In the end we all die. For 80 per cent of us, doctors sign off the cause of death and that's that.

But any sudden, accidental or violent death in New Zealand is referred to the coroner's office. 

There are 17 coroners in the country, Marcus Elliot is one of them and he's shared details of what he does in a new book Death and Dying in New Zealand. He tells us more about the role. 

1:25 The Sound of Breaking Glass

Sound of Broken Glass by Kirsten Warner

Kirsten Warner's new novel The Sound of Breaking Glass  launched last month.

It delves into the experience of the child of a holocaust survivor balancing her daily life with the secrets she begins to uncover about her family's past.

Kirsten is second generation herself, and she joins Jesse in the Auckland studio.

1:35 Get it to Te Papa

What is kiwi culture? And do our museums and galleries have a clue?

Hayden Donnell thinks they're missing a trick and is bringing a new show to our screens to prove it. 

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1:40 Great album

2:10 Film Review with Richard Swainson 

Richard reviews Beast and RBG

2:20 NZ Live: Delaney Davidson

Singer-songwriter Delaney Davidson is back in our studio! Delaney has been in Europe since the beginning of the year, touring with Marlon Williams and also touring his new album Shining Day.

He's back in the country, and about to start a national tour. He performs some of his new songs with us. 

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3:10 James Beck's chilled beetroot soup 

James Beck is chef-owner of Hawke's Bay eatery Bistronomy. 

He's got a fresh seasonal recipe for us today, particularly good if you're a beetroot fan. Check it out here

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3:20 You Hum It, We'll Play it!

RNZ Concert is calling on listeners to nominate their favorite pieces of classical music for 2018. Voting is open until Friday October 12 and on Labour Day RNZ Concert will broadcast its epic 12 hour Settling the Score countdown.

To celebrate we thought we'd bring back RNZ Concert's Clarissa Dunn to dazzle us with her music knowledge. Some listeners love classical music and can hum the pieces but can't name them - that's where Clarissa comes in. 

You can vote for your favourite piece here

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3:25 Critter of the Week The Banks Peninsula fork fern

The Banks Peninsula fork fern – Tmesipteris horomaka – is a bit distant from what might ordinarily come to mind when we think of ferns. 

DOC’s Threatened Species Ambassador, Nicola Toki, tells us about this small fern with very primitive features and that its nearest relatives are fossils from the Devonian period. 

Tmesipteris horomaka on tree fern trunk

Tmesipteris horomaka on tree fern trunk Photo: L.R. Perrie Te Papa 2004 CC-BY-NC 3.0

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Ali Jones and Mike Rehu