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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 8 August 2018

Short Story Club

On Thursday we will discuss three short poems by Owen Marshall from his new collection View from the South,

We'll give away a copy of View from the South to the writer of the best email about one or all of the poems.

1:10 Mel Parsons performs live

Back in February, two iconic Nelson venues were badly damaged by Cyclone Fehi, which saw a huge storm surge push water through the buildings.

The Boat Shed Cafe is now back up and running but The Boathouse, which is a performance venue, is still being fixed up

A Boathouse benefit concert is being held this Thursday evening at the Theatre Royal in Nelson - headlined by singer songwriter Mel Parsons - who is with me from our Wellington studio for a chat and to perform a song

1:15 More on sexual education in our schools

Yesterday we discussed the concern from teachers and researchers about a sexual health education programme, Mates and Dates, being rolled out across the country, costing $18 million. 

Since then we've heard from an organisation called Korowai Tumanako. It's a sexual violence prevention service that has worked with programmes like Mates and Dates over the last decade. Its directors believe there is value to specialist services and external educators. 

To tell us more about what they provide for students, and the reaction they've had from young people, is co-director of Korowai Tumanako, Russell Smith.

students writing

students writing Photo: 123RF

1:25 How unemployed people are treated at Work and Income

A twitter user has shared what she experienced at a WINZ office online. 

Emmes went in to observe how workers at the office dealt with clients. She was shocked at the attitude of many of them, and the lack of help offered to unemployed people there.

She then decided to go back to WINZ as a client, to see if she would be treated any different...she wasn't.

She's since received a huge response from friends and followers sharing similar stories. Emmes tells us a bit more about what she says as a big issue. 

Work and Income offices

Work and Income offices Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

1:35 Sound archives: stories from New Zealand’s transgender past.

From Caitlin Jenner to some the stars of television’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the lives of transgender people are now becoming much more common in the mainstream media.  In today’s visit to the sound archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision with Sarah Johnston, we will hear sound recordings about how and when transgender lives appeared in the media in the past.

1:40 Great album

2:20 Bookmarks with Joe Harawira

Joe is a storyteller who's performed in front of audiences around the world for nearly 40 years.
He is the Department of Conservation treaty and strategic partnerships director. He is an educator with a background in teaching and a member of the Toi Maori Aotearoa NZ Maori Arts Committee. Joe tells us about why he loves Wilbur Smith and why he thinks the full-face moko will become commonplace again in Aotearoa.

Treaty and strategic partnerships director Joe Harawira from the Department of Conservation.

Treaty and strategic partnerships director Joe Harawira from the Department of Conservation. Photo: RNZ/Justine Murray

3:10 The dark-side of our Omega 3 obsession

Journalist, documentary maker and author  Paul Greenberg ate fish  every day, three meals a day, for a full year to test  the effectiveness of Omega 3 on his own body. 

Omega 3 is a fatty acid found in fish that is credited with everything from  improving  cardiovascular health and improving memory. Millions of people around the world take Omega 3 fish oil supplements. 

Greenberg takes a deep dive into the Omega 3 industry and finds out how the thirst for those amber gold capsules of fish oil are affecting the ocean's ecosystem. 

His findings are in a book called  The Omega Principle: Seafood And The Quest For A Long Life And A Healthier Planet. 

Omega 3 Omega White Pill Food Liver Oil Fish

Photo: Copyright by MaxPixel

3:35 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Andrew Frame in Napier and Niki Bezzant in Auckland


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Photo: RNZ/Liminal/DoC


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