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This week we will discuss Movie by Geoff Cochrane

And the writer of the best email about this story wins a copy of his collection, Astonished Dice, from 2014.

1:10 Mister Speaker live in studio

8 piece Auckland Soul/R & B band Mister Speaker were finalists in our Battle of the Cover Bands competition and perform one of their amazing covers for us live in the Auckland studio.

Mister Speaker

Mister Speaker Photo: supplied

1:15 Yuzu: The Japanese fruit becoming popular with Kiwis 

If you're a bit a foodie you've probably heard of Yuzu, or you may seen a weird fruit at the grocers that looks kinda like a bumpy lemon. 

The citrus fruit is highly regarding in Japanese cuisine, so much so growers in Australia are making a pretty penny selling the fruit overseas. 

We thought we check out if any New Zealand growers had similar success, and it turns out, selling the Yuzu to Kiwis is a fruitful business.

Neville Chun is the Director Yuzuco NZ tells us more about the Yuzu industry. 

No caption

Photo: Facebook / NZ YUZU FRUIT

1:25 School holiday programme at Northland prison 

It's the school holidays and school-age children around the country are now planning what to do with their spare time. 

For some of those kids, visiting a parent in jail might be on the cards. At any one time, more than 20,000 children in New Zealand have a parent in prison. 

Today and tomorrow corrections staff at a prison near Kaikohe will be running a holiday programme so these kids can have some bonding time with their dads. 

Will Stewart is Operations Support Manager at Northland Region Corrections Facility and joins us now to tell us more.

1:35 Wellington bus chaos 

Wellington's new bus fleet was rolled out yesterday but hit its first real test during this morning's commute. 

And there were a few issues. Buses ran late, some didn't show up at all with reports that some commuters turned to taxis in frustration.

Real-time tracking also wasn't working as expected. Metlink tweeted that they were dealing with "teething issues".  

We thought we'd talk to Wellington regional councillor Daran Ponter about the problems and whether they'll be sorted for tonight's rush.

One of the new buses being rolled out in Wellington.

One of the new buses being rolled out in Wellington. Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

1:40 Great album: Another Green World

2:10 Television Critic: Linda Burgess

Linda reviews Mistress Mercy which played last night on TV1 and The Staircase on Netflix

2:20 Bill Forster on Chess

It's been used as a tool for measuring intelligence, as a centrepiece experiment in the nature-versus-nurture debate, and a hobby of great people throughout history.

Bill Forster, the editor of New Zealand Chess magazine, joins us to talk all things chess, and try to tap into what exactly it is about this game that has frustrated and delighted humans for centuries.

Bill Forster is the editor of New Zealand Chess magazine

Bill Forster is the editor of New Zealand Chess magazine Photo: Supplied

3:10 The enduring appeal of Twin Peaks

When the creepy, sometimes confusing,  always quirky drama Twin Peaks first aired in 1990, it immediately became a fixture in pop culture. David Lynch enthralled audiences with the question, Who Killed Laura Palmer? 

Sabrina Sutherland was production co-ordinator on the second season of the original series and worked with Lynch on a feature film and the return of Twin Peaks after 25 years last year.

She and some of the original cast are touring New Zealand next month. 

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Photo: Wikipedia

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question Home

4:05 The Panel with Verity Johnson and Michael Deaker

No caption

Photo: RNZ/Liminal/DoC


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Music played in this show

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
Artist:  Mister Speaker
Song:  Jackson Five Medley
Comp:   The Corporation - (Berry Gordy Freddie Perren Alphonso Mizell Deke Richards)
Album: unreleased live recording   
Label: RNZ    
Played at: 1.10pm

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:

Artist: Brian Eno
Song:  St Elmos Fire
Comp: Brian Eno
Album: Another Green World
Label:  Island

Artist: Brian Eno
Song:  I'll Come Running  
Comp: Brian Eno
Album: Another Green World
Label:  Island

Artist: Angelo Badalamenti
Song: Theme from Twin Peaks
Comp:  Badalamenti,
Album: Soundtrack from Twin Peaks
Label:  Warner Bros.
Played at: 3:10pm