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1:15 The new government's focus

Incoming Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today announced the country's new government ministers.

Two new key roles were announced, Crown/Maori relations and Child poverty reduction. 

Ms Ardern will take on the latter role herself, so will that see an improvement in New Zealand's poverty numbers?

We speak to Susan St John from the Child Poverty Action Group. 

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1:25 New ministers

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One of the Green Party's four ministers in the new government is Eugenie sage, who has taken up the mantle of Conservation. 

We discuss what her plans are in this role. 

1:35 Women and cities

There's a lot of focus nowadays about making cities more livable, adding more trees, improving public transport, but there's one thing that's often ignored: how do we make our cities more female-friendly?

There's a growing call here in New Zealand for more diversity in our city planning, suggesting what we have now essentially gender-biased cities.

Greer Rasmussen, from Women In Urbanism Aoteroa, explain what this means and how it can change.

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1:40 Great album

2:20 Bookmarks with Whitcoulls' Head of Books Joan McKenzie

Joan McKenzie

Joan McKenzie Photo: supplied

Joan started behind the counter at London Bookshops in Dunedin and worked for a couple of publishers for the next 15 years or so, and has been with the Whitcoulls Group ever since.

It's the perfect job for someone obsessed with books and reading, and she knows something most of us would love to - all the new titles well before they hit the shelves.

Joan shares her secrets for discovering hot new books and reveals some of her big finds in publishing, such as Miss Smilla's Feelings by Peter Hoeg and more recently, Lilac Girls  
by Martha Hall Kelly

And we find out some of the big surprises that have blindsided the world of book publishing. 

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3:10 Thanks Obama: by his speechwriter David Litt

One minute, David Litt is writing for the satirical magazine the Onion, the next he's roaming the halls of the White House as the youngest ever speech writer for a President of the United States. 

At first, Litt wrote speeches about fun things like infrastructure but eventually became the chief joke writer for President Barack Obama's lighter moments. 

David Litt offers his unique view of the 44th President of the United States and what it's like behind the scenes in the Oval Office in his new book, Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years.

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3:35 Are We There Yet

Today - modern fatherhood. Katy Gosset looks at changing roles, gender stereotypes and what to do when you're the only bloke at the coffee morning. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Tracey Bridges and Bernard Hickey