25 Oct 2017

Bookmarks with Whitcoulls' Head of Books Joan McKenzie

From Afternoons, 2:22 pm on 25 October 2017
Joan McKenzie

Joan McKenzie Photo: supplied

Joan started behind the counter at London Bookshops in Dunedin and worked for a couple of publishers for the next 15 years or so, and has been with the Whitcoulls Group ever since.

It's the perfect job for someone obsessed with books and reading, and she knows something most of us would love to - all the new titles well before they hit the shelves.

Joan shares her secrets for discovering hot new books and reveals some of her big finds in publishing, such as Miss Smilla's Feelings by Peter Hoeg and more recently, Lilac Girls  
by Martha Hall Kelly

And we find out some of the big surprises that have blindsided the world of book publishing.