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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 8 September 2017


Our story for next week is Two Girls in a Boat by Emma Martin

1:10 First song

1:15 Australia's killer flu strain

Health Authorities in New Zealand are aware of a flu strain that has killed at least 73 people in Australia this year. Australia is in the grip of its worst flu season in over a decade, due to the H3N2 strain of Influenza A, which is fast mutating.

The same strain has infected many people in New Zealand, but the effects have not been as bad. We speak to influenza and immunisation expert, Dr Nikki Turner

Research for flu vaccines cannot keep up with the speed at which new strands, such as H3N2, of the virus develop.

Research for flu vaccines cannot keep up with the speed at which new strands, such as H3N2, of the virus develop. Photo: CORBIS

1:25 Winning reinvention of lamb docking tool

An Auckland-based industrial designer has solved a problem that has been giving  sheep farmers repetitive strain injuries for years as they do something that's essential in spring - removing lambs' tails.

Nicole Austin is the national winner of the prestigious James Dyson Award for reinventing the lamb docking tool.

Her invention is called Moray.

Professor Peter O'Connor

1:30 Applied Theatre for victims of trauma

One of the many guests at the Going West Books and Writers Festival is Professor of Education, Peter O'Connor, who works with trauma victims, prisoners and troubled school children to address their problems through the medium of theatre.

He gets people to act out their stories in character, as a way to talk about issues to painful to talk about in their own voices.

Applied Theatre

Applied Theatre Photo: University of Auckland

1:40 Amateur photographer making waves

Sam Deuchrass first picked up a second hand Nikon camera two years ago and started taking pictures. He soon discovered he has a rare talent.

His stunning time lapse film below is of the area in and around Otago - it's been out for a week and a half and already been watched 60 thousand times round the globe.

1:40 Great Album from 1983: Let's Dance, David Bowie

Let's Dance is David Bowie's 15th studio album, and was released in 1983, like all our albums this week.

It contains three of his most successful singles; Let's Dance, Modern Love  and China Girl.

No caption

Photo: wikipedia

2:10 Film Review with Richard Swainson

Richard reviews The Killing of a Sacred Deer and the documentary, Risk

2:20 NZ Live: Herriot Row

Auckland based folk/rock singer Simon Comber already has two albums to his name.  For his latest project though,  he has formed a band and traveled to the United States to record with one of his heroes.  The resulting album borrows from a couple of New Zealand poets and uses dark lyrics and some unusual guitar tuning to create a very interesting texture.

"Lesser Stars" is the name of the album  and Simon Comber is in our Wellington Studio this afternoon along with a rhythm section comprised of Stuart Harwood on drums and David Flyger on Bass.

Herriot Row

Herriot Row in the New Zealand Live Studio: L-R Stu Harwood, David Fylger, Simon Comber Photo: Elliot Childs RNZ

3:10 Food with Nadia Lim

Nadia Lim tells us about her new cookbook, Let's eat!

And she shares her recipe for Banana and Blueberry muffins

Banana Blueberry Muffins by Nadia Lim

Banana Blueberry Muffins by Nadia Lim Photo: Supplied

3:20 Wine with Yvonne Lorkin

Wine writer and educator, Yvonne Lorkin joins us from Sunny Hawkes Bay where she's been enjoying rosé in this spring weather.

No caption

Photo: Yvonne Lorkin

3:25 Critter of the Week: The Leopard Seal

Leopard seals are true seals, in the family Phoecidae. They move on land like a lumbering caterpillar, their hind flippers are fused to the pelvis in a way that means they cannot bring them together under their bodies to walk on them.  This is in contrast to the Otariids, the eared ‘seals’, which are actually sea lions and fur seals; and who can get across land with speed. 

But underwater Leopard Seals beat the sea lions "flippers" down. They are extremely streamlined and can swim out far from land to find food, and are adapted to diving to decent depths and can spend a long time underwater between breaths.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Ellen Read and Bernard Hickey


Music played in this show


1:10pm - FIRST SONG
ARTIST:    The Veils
TITLE:      In The Nightfall
COMP:     Finn Andrews
ALBUM:   Swimming With The Crocodiles [EP]
LABEL:    Nettwerk    

ARTIST:    David Bowie
TITLE:      Let's Dance
COMP:     David Bowie
ALBUM:   Let's Dance

ARTIST:    David Bowie
TITLE:      China Girl
COMP:     David Bowie, Iggy Pop
ALBUM:   Let's Dance

ARTIST:    David Bowie
TITLE:      Modern Love
COMP:     David Bowie
ALBUM:   Let's Dance

ARTIST:    Herriot Row
TITLE:      The Usual Business
COMP:     Simon Comber
ALBUM:   Lesser Stars
LIVE:       RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    Herriot Row
TITLE:      Neon Lights
COMP:     Simon Comber (with lines from a poem by Robin Hyde)
ALBUM:   Lesser Stars
LIVE:       RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    Herriot Row
TITLE:      The Beggar
COMP:     Simon Comber
ALBUM:   Lesser Stars
LIVE:       RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    Herriot Row
TITLE:      Keep The Dream Alive
COMP:     John Vanderslice
ALBUM:   Unreleased
LIVE:       RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    David Bowie
TITLE:      Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
COMP:     David Bowie, Giorgio Moroder
ALBUM:   Let's Dance