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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 16 August 2017

This week's story is Clean Hands Save Lives by Kirsten McDougall

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1:15 Historic Cemetery Findings

University of Otago researchers are gaining fresh insights into the quality of life and identity of Otago's early European settlers and farmers. The team has excavated skeletons from unmarked graves in St. John's Burial Ground, in Tokoiti, Milton. The project is being undertaken in partnership with a local community group called Tokomairiro Project 60  and the Anglican Church. A public meeting was held last night to unveil the findings. Professor Hallie Buckley, co-lead the research with Dr Peter Petchey.

1:25 The penguin which never was

Another trans-tasman identity shock has emerged after some careful scientific research.

University of Otago led researchers have found out that an extinct Tasmanian penguin never actually existed.

It's looking a like another case of dual citizenship mix up with a New Zealand breed.

New science has debunked old science by showing the bones from the so-called Australian Hunter Island penguin were actually from three different living penguin species, including two from New Zealand.

Tess Cole talks to Jesse about uncovering the identity mix up.

1:30 Kids' vegetarian cook-off

Intermediate school pupils from Canterbury have been battling it out to make the tastiest and healthiest vegetarian dishes, in the inaugural Root to Tip challenge.

The competition was spearheaded by national food education charity Garden to Table and the Christchurch City Council - and last night two students from Diamond Harbour were chosen as the winners.

The co-founder of the Garden to Table Trust Catherine Bell was also the MC at yesterday’s event.

1:35 Sound archives: The last days of the 6 o’clock swill

New Zealand’s infamous hour of binge-drinking,  the ‘6 o’clock swill’ finally came to an end 50 years ago this October.

Recordings held in the sound archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision tell us more about this unique approach to alcohol licensing,  which was introduced during World War I  - but endured for a further 50 years.

1:40 Great Debut Album: Joan Baez

Joan Baez by Joan Baez was recorded in the summer of 1960 and released the same year. The original release featured 13 traditional folk songs.

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2:20 Bookmarks with Otis Frizzell

Otis Frizzell

Otis Frizzell Photo: supplied

Today's Bookmark Guest has many strings to his bow - he's been a graffiti artist, a tattooist, an illustrator, print-maker, graphic designer, painter, driver to the stars, rapper, radio DJ, TV presenter, Taco Truck grill guy…

And by his own admission there are probably other things he's done in his twenties which he can't recall!

Otis Frizzell has now  launched another venture off the back of his Taco Truck success, called Lucky Street, which delivers meal kits to homes that are more than your usual meat and three veg.

He is with Jesse to talk about his creative genius and where he gets his inspiration.

3:10 The new Conspicious Consumption

Conspicuous consumption, the 50-thousand dollar Louis Vuitton bag, a platinum  Rolex watch and a Porsche  in the garage is so yesterday according to Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, a professor at the University of Southern California. 

There is a new cultural elite she calls the aspirational class. They spend their money on some things, like Fair Trade coffee, electric cars, $10 heirloom tomatoes and services including nannies and tutors for their kids.

Currid-Halkett makes that case that this new kind of consumption is entrenching the privileged position of modern elites. She makes the case in her new book, The Sum of Small Things.

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett Photo:

3:35 BBC Witness

For years Germans have been bathing nude at the beach. Many are members of a naturist movement called the FKK, which was banned under the Nazis and faced official disapproval during the early years of communist rule in East Germany. Mike Lanchin has been speaking to one East Berliner who recalls the heyday of naked sunbathing beside the Baltic Sea, and who still likes to 'bare all' when he goes on holiday.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Mark Knoff-Thomas and Niki Bezzant