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1:15 The Butcher's Shop series

From the Sunday roast to putting out the milk bottles, and those scratchy woolen jerseys knitted by Nana. Our primary products are a huge part of New Zealand culture

Victoria University is hosting a series of public discussions called the Butcher Shop Series, which will explore the place of these primary products in the national imagination, it starts today with meat, the following Monday is wine, then dairy and finally wool.

Professor Lydia Wevers is one of the creators of the Butchers Shop series.

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1:25 The Man who ate Lincoln Road

Auckland writer and journalist Steve Braunias has been busy eating. He's been on a year-long quest to eat at every one of the 55 food places on that golden mile in view of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, Lincoln Rd

His gastronomical endevours are now a book, The Man who Ate Lincoln Road, which is being launched tonight.

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1:35 The barriers to women cycling

A lot of people commute to work on bikes these days to save money on parking, to get exercise and to do their bit for the environment.

But in Wellington up to three times more men cycle than women...

Victoria Vicent wants to change that, and has created an exhibition of photographs of women on their bikes to try and inspire women to get into two wheeled travelling.

1:40 Hidden Figures

In Hidden figures, we delve into some of the statistics held about New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Today - Lillian Grace of Figure NZ is with us to talk about our regions and why some are so big and some are very small.

Regions of NZ

Regions of NZ Photo: Supplied/Figure NZ

1:40 Favourite album: Tapestry by Carole King

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Today's feature album is one of the biggest sellers in popular music history.

It's the second solo effort from the most successful female songwriter of the late 20th century. .

Carole King's breakthrough as an artist though, came with the release of this monumental album in 1971. 

Tapestry topped the album charts for 15 weeks and stayed on the top 100 for an unprecedented six years.

2:10 Television Critic: Melenie Parkes

Today Melenie takes a look at "Bob Dylan: Knockin' On Dave's Door" part of a Sky Arts series exploring urban myths. She'll also talk about a 10 part National Geographic series produced and directed by Ron Howard and called "Genius".   Then, we'll explore the changing fortunes of the real Silicon Valley in a Soho TV series named for the famed IT locality.

2:20 The Future of Our Regions: Kaikoura

We continue our series looking at the future of our regions, the challenges they face now, and their
blueprint for the future.

And no region has had as many challenges to face in the last 5 months or so than Kaikoura.

The 7.8 earthquake which struck the region on November 14, plus the on-going aftershocks, was a major blow for one of New Zealand tourism's hot-spots - and throw a cyclone into the mix as well a few weeks back.

Jesse speaks with Kaikoura Mayor, Winston Gray

Workers clear the slip at Ohau Point north of Kaikōura.

Workers clear the slip at Ohau Point north of Kaikōura. Photo: Transport Minister's office

2:30 Expert feature: Sarb Johal on Disaster Psychology

Sarb Johal is an associate professor in disaster mental health at Massey Univeristy's School of Psychology

3:10 Gastrophysics: The Science of Eating

Potato chips with a loud crunch taste better and so do Bloody Marys when consumed  on a plane.

There is so much more to what we eat and why we eat than just what's on the plate.  There are some strange ways perception plays a part in the way food tastes. The size and colour of plates, the weight of cutlery and who we eat with are all ingredients that make meals memorable. 

Oxford professor Charles Spence explains how our senses join together for a perfect meal that cannot just be found in the pages of a cookbook. His new book is called Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating

Charles Spence

Charles Spence Photo: Wikipedia

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