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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 28 March 2017

1:10 First song

1:15 Electric bikes could be allowed in Tongariro National Park

The Department of Conservation is undertaking a partial review of the Tongariro National Park Management Plan. It's proposing the construction of three new shared-use walking and cycling tracks, and the use of electric bikes on some tracks within the park.

Peter Wilson is president of Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand, and is strongly against the idea of allowing e-bikes in Tongariro National Park.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Emerald Lakes

Tongariro Alpine Crossing - Emerald Lakes Photo: 123RF

1.25 EIREVER Pet Cemetery

Dave Stephens is 37 years into his 200-year plan. From bare land in 1979 he began building his 10 acre park, that now has 10,000 trees and shrubs, thousands of bulbs and dozens of garden features and artifacts. And, a pet cemetery, where he's attended more than 1,300 burials and hundreds of cremations. It's called EIREVER.

Dave Stephens has created EIREVER.

Dave Stephens has created EIREVER. Photo: Supplied

1:35 Films about the Pacific

It's the 25th anniversary of the Pacifica Film festival, and RNZ's film guy, Dan Slevin has been delving into the films set in the Pacific over the last few decades... and has concluded that Hollywood has had some rather strange ideas about this region.

1:40 Favourite album: Tonight's The Night - Neil Young

2:10 Book critic: Claire Mabey

Claire is a director of "Pirate & Queen" a Wellington based promotions company which helps to organise and direct festivals and events throughout the country including the Auckland Writers Festival and Wellington's Lit Crawl

2:20 Music Feature: The History of Viking Records

Wellington based Viking records was once New Zealand's largest independent record label. 

All of the company's back catalogue has now been donated to the National Library for digitisation and preservation for future generations. 

Dr Michael Brown, music curator at the Turnbull Library and Viking director Murdoch Riley talk to Jesse about the history of the label, and play some of the material.

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3:10 The impact of food on history

A taste for chocolate has done more than break the will power of people across the generations. It's also started wars. The fascinating impact of food on history is told in the new book, Food Fights and Culture Wars: A secret History of Taste.

Author Tom Nealon connects everything from carp in the Crusades to how  a taste for lemonade may have protected Parisians during the plague.


Photo: Photo NZ

3:30 Science and environment stories

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Catherine Robertson and David Cormack


Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm
TUESDAY 28th 2017

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Sampha
TITLE:      Blood On Me
COMP:     Sampha Sisay
ALBUM:   Process
LABEL:    Young Turks

ARTIST:    Neil Young (Feat: The Stray Gators)
TITLE:      Look Out Joe
COMP:     Neil Young
ALBUM:   Tonight's The Night
LABEL:    Reprise

ARTIST:    Neil Young (Feat: Santa Monica Flyers)
TITLE:      Roll Another Number
COMP:     Neil Young
ALBUM:   Tonight's The Night
LABEL:    Reprise

2:20pm - Music Feature:  The History of Viking Records
ARTIST:    Dinah Lee with Max Merritt and his Meteors
TITLE:      Don't You Know Yockamo
COMP:     Huey P. Smith, John Vincent
ALBUM:   Don't You Know
LABEL:    Viking

ARTIST:    Mauriora Entertainers
TITLE:      Tai Miti Toru E / Pa Mai
COMP:     Trad
ALBUM:   Sing a long in Maori
LABEL:    Viking

ARTIST:    Siale Hea Vala Group
TITLE:      Kafenuini (Fair Wind)
COMP:     Queen Salote  
ALBUM:   Tonga Spectacular
LABEL:    Viking

ARTIST:    Peter Posa
TITLE:      White Rabbit
COMP:     Bill Ivory, Graham Rosling
ALBUM:   The White Rabbit
LABEL:    Viking    

ARTIST:    Steve Allen
TITLE:      Join Together
COMP:     Allan Stephenson
ALBUM:   Single only release
LABEL:    Viking

ARTIST:    Neil Young (Feat: Santa Monica Flyers)
TITLE:      Tonight's The Night
COMP:     Neil Young
ALBUM:   Tonight's The Night
LABEL:    Reprise

ARTIST:    Roy Orbison
TITLE:      Only The Lonely
COMP:     Roy Orbison, Joe Melson
ALBUM:   Lonely and Blue
LABEL:    Monument