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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 29 March 2017

1:10 Bonnie Raitt

Multiple Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, Bonnie Raitt is in the country for a tour, she talks to us about her new album, Dig in Deep

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt Photo: supplied

1:15 E-cigarettes and e-liquid to be legal

The sale of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquid, will be legalised, the Government announced this morning. Associate Minister of Health, Nicky Wagner, said in a statement that "Scientific evidence on the safety of e-cigarettes is still developing but there's a general consensus that vaping is much less harmful than smoking". And regulations on vaping will be aligned with those for cigarettes.

Associate Minister of Health, Nicky Wagner explains why the change is being made.

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1:25 Lead Exposure Linked To Lower IQ

The latest research from the University of Otago's Dunedin Study, shows children's exposure to lead is linked to lower IQ. 

Extremely high levels of lead in New Zealand cities in the 1970s and 1980s appear responsible for a loss of intelligence and occupational standing among today's adults.The research shows that among more than 500 children who grew up in the era of leaded petrol, those exposed to lead had a lower IQ and social standing by the age of 38, compared to people who had less exposure.

Senior author Professor Terrie Moffitt is associate director of the Dunedin Study.

Air pollution from a car's exhaust pipe (file photo)

Photo: 123RF

1:35 Sound Archives: the Bicycle Film Festival

It's 200 years since the first bike was built, and in New Zealand, we've been using them for more than 140 years. Nga Taonga Sound and Vision is celebrating bikes with a film festival devoted to cycling, which opens tonight. Di Pivac from Nga Taonga talks us through the programme.

1:40 Favourite album: Pulp. Different Class

2:05 Marlborough Express no longer a daily newspaper

It's been around for 150 years, but the Marlborough Express will no longer be a daily read. Fairfax Media has announced from May, the newspaper will be published only three days a week; on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The company said it would introduce a new 'e-newsletter' next month - called the Marlborough Express Daily. Brendon Burns is a business consultant and former editor of the Marlborough Express.

Marlborough Express

Marlborough Express Photo: Fairfax

2:15 Music Critic: Simon Sweetman

Father John Misty

Joshua Tillman as Father John Misty Photo: Supplied

Freelance music columnist and critic Simon Sweetman has a couple of brand new albums for our consideration today.  Semper Femina is the Sixth album from 27 year old British folk singer/songwriter Laura Marling.  Three of her previous albums have won awards.  He also has the latest release from Father John Misty, the pseudonym for former Fleet Foxes drummer Joshua Tillman.

2:25 Bookmarks: Colin Hogg

Today's bookmarks guest is a former Aucklander, now residing in a Wellington Hill suburb.  Colin Hogg started his career as a cadet journalist on the Southland times, but spent more than half his life working as a journalist and TV producer in the City of Sails.  Today he discusses books, movies, TV and music with Jesse.

3:10 Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

The Dictionary of Oscure Sorrows

The Dictionary of Oscure Sorrows Photo: supplied

There are more than 171 thousand words in the Oxford English Dictionary, and not a single one to describe that feeling you get when you see a thunderstorm and kind of hope it's going to be a big one. But the Greeks have a word for that.

John Koenig has spent the last 7 years collecting words from all over the world to describe obscure emotions and why finding just the right word is so important - such as  Lachesism: the desire to be struck by disaster, or Vemödalen: the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist.

His you tube channel and website are called the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

3:35 BBC Witness: Ayn Rand

In 1957, the Russian-born American philosopher, Ayn Rand, published Atlas Shrugged, one of the most politically influential American novels of the 20th Century. The best-seller imagines a dystopia in which all wealth-creators go on strike causing the global economy to collapse. Atlas Shrugged made Ayn Rand a hero for free-market economists and political libertarians. Simon Watts talks to Leonard Peikoff, one of Ayn Rand's earliest followers.

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Susan Hornsby-Geluk and Sam Johnson



Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm
WEDNESDAY 29th 2017

1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Bonnie Raitt
TITLE:      Gypsy In Me
COMP:     Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick
ALBUM:   Dig In Deep
LABEL:    Rewing

ARTIST:    Pulp
TITLE:      I Spy
COMP:     Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Mark Webber
ALBUM:   Different Class
LABEL:    Island

ARTIST:    Pulp
TITLE:      Disco 2000
COMP:     Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Mark Webber
ALBUM:   Different Class
LABEL:    Island

ARTIST:    Pulp
TITLE:      Live Bed Show
COMP:     Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Mark Webber
ALBUM:   Different Class
LABEL:    Island

2:10pm - MUSIC CRITIC: Simon Sweetman
ARTIST:    Laura Marling
TITLE:      Soothing
COMP:     Laura Marling and Blake Mills.
ALBUM:   Semper Femina
LABEL:    More Alarming Records

ARTIST:    Father John Misty
TITLE:      Total Entertainment Forever
COMP:     Josh Tillman
ALBUM:   Pure Comedy
LABEL:    Sub Pop

2:25pm - BOOKMARKS: Colin Hogg
ARTIST:    Neil Young & Crazy Horse
TITLE:      Cortez the Killer
COMP:     Neil Young
ALBUM:   Arc
LABEL:    Reprise

ARTIST:    The Yardbirds
TITLE:      Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
COMP:     Keith Relf, Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page
ALBUM:   The Yardbirds Greatest Hits
LABEL:    Epic

ARTIST:    Pulp
TITLE:      Common People
COMP:     Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle
ALBUM:   Different Class
LABEL:    Island

4:30pm - THE PANEL: Half Time Song
ARTIST:    Bingo Players  
TITLE:      Get Up (Rattle)
COMP:     Paul Bäumer, Maarten Hoogstraten, Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif, DJ Virman, Koen Groeneveld, Addy van der Zwan, Hugo Langras, Dipesh Parmar
ALBUM:   Dirty Bass
LABEL:    Hysteria,