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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 16 February 2017

1:10 First song

1:15 Christchurch fire update

We'll cross to RNZ reporter Ian Telfer on the Port Hills fire that has caused thousands of evacuations.

1:20 Cadbury to close Dunedin factory

Cadbury used to be this country's most trusted brand. But things began to change when it admitted changing its recipe to use palm oil rather than cocoa butter. A clever marketing campaign by its local rival, Whittakers, saw that company dramatically increase its market share. Now the owner of Cadbury, Mondelēz International, says it is closing its Dunedin factory and move production to Australia. The factory has produced Cadbury products at the site for 80 years. Auckland University of Technology marketing professor, Roger Marshall talks about how it has come to this.

The Cadbury factory in Dunedin.

The Cadbury factory in Dunedin. Photo: RNZ / Lydia Anderson

1.25 Inside Gloriavale

In 2015, photographer Cam McLaren, got an inside look into the closed religious community of Gloriavale. And he describes it as 'A place where people are the currency and the outside world fades out of mind'. During his stay, he captured a series of black and white images, of an otherwise inaccessible world. And they'll be on show from today at Black Asterisk Gallery in Auckland.

The Gloriavale Exhibition runs from the 16 to 28 of February at Black Asterisk Gallery.

The Gloriavale Exhibition runs from the 16 to 28 of February at Black Asterisk Gallery. Photo: Cam McLaren

1.35 Untranslatable Emotions

Dr Tim Lomas is trying to drive the English language into new, uncharted territory. He's creating an index of words, that have no direct English equivalent, that represent emotional experiences. And he hopes we can understand ourselves better, and live a richer life, if we started using these words as English speakers. It's called The positive lexicography project. Tim is lecturer in positive psychology, at the University of East London.

The positive lexicography project.

The positive lexicography project. Photo: Pixabay

1:45 Favourite Album

Hayley Theyers has picked Mala by Devendra Banhart.

2:10 Theatre Critic:  Lindsay Clark


Eilish Moran and Lara MacGregor in the Court Theatre production of Ropable Photo: Supplied

Theatreview critic Lin Clark takes a look at Ropable, the latest production at Christchurch's Court Theatre

2:20 Money with Mary Holm

Mary Holm answers more listener questions on Kiwisaver,  particularly for people who are near retirement or already 65.

3:10 Masterpieces with Ant Timpson

 Ant Timpson the man behind the New Zealand film awards tells us about his favourite Kiwi movie of all time

3:25 The Expats: Kristen Ng in Chengdu, China

Kristen moved from Wellington to Beijing as a student in 2013. She is now working as a freelance writer, translator and promoter in Chengdu. Blogs about NZ/China music and culture at kiwiese

Kristen Ng's film is called: Orchestra of Spheres: Te China Rockumentary.

3:30 This Way Up: The Ballpoint Pen

Billions of ballpoint pens are sold worldwide each year - 15 million biros every day. They're given away by hotels, airlines, banks and at conferences  - they're so darn ubiquitous that you probably don't notice them until they stop working. 

China makes 80 percent of the world's pens, but as Bloomberg's Adam Minter told Simon Morton of This Way Up, the challenges of building a reliable Chinese ballpoint pen has made it a matter of national pride.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Chris Gallavin and Peter Fa'afiu


Music played in this show

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1:10pm - FIRST SONG:
ARTIST:    Theia
TITLE:      Champagne Supernova
COMP:     Em-Haley Walker
ALBUM:   Single Release
LABEL:    Digital Download        

ARTIST:    Devendra Banhart
TITLE:      Never Seen Such Good Things
COMP:     Devendra Banhart
ALBUM:   Mala
LABEL:    Nonesuch

ARTIST:    Devendra Banhart
TITLE:      Your Fine Petting Duck
COMP:     Devendra Banhart
ALBUM:   Mala
LABEL:    Nonesuch

ARTIST:    Devendra Banhart
TITLE:      Daniel
COMP:     Devendra Banhart
ALBUM:   Mala
LABEL:    Nonesuch

3:25pm - ADDITIONAL MUSIC:    
ARTIST:    Devendra Banhart
TITLE:      Won't You Come Over
COMP:     Devendra Banhart
ALBUM:   Mala
LABEL:    Nonesuch