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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 13 February 2017

1:10 First song

1.15 Social Services for At-Risk Kids

A national hui starts today, to try and figure out if 'wraparound' social services are the answer for New Zealand's at-risk kids. Massey University psychologist, Dr Ruth Gammon, organised the hui to explore a new model for supporting families and children at risk who are currently on the books of several ministries. The conference is on today and tomorrow at Massey's Wellington campus.

Are 'wraparound' social services the answer for New Zealand's at-risk kids.

Are 'wraparound' social services the answer for New Zealand's at-risk kids. Photo: 123RF

1:25 Radio Active melting down?

The owners of Radio Active, Wellington's former student radio station, are shutting down the company that runs the station, Radio Active Ltd, as they say they can no longer keep propping it up with their own money.

They plan to set up a new entity and are hoping for new investors.

Radio Active has long championed kiwi music and while it's never been a money earner - its been struggling in recent years as more advertising is done on-line.

Jim Scott is the former news editor for Radio Active, and a long time DJ with the station, he's been involved for 30 years

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1:30 Citizen Science and Tracking Cats

Dr Philip Roetman is a bit of a champion of citizen science projects. He's engaged thousands of people in projects, like tracking cats, counting koalas, spotlighting in rockpools, and recording bat calls. His official title is research fellow at the School of Natural and Built Environments, University of South Australia. And we thought we'd see what he's been up to lately.

1.35 Backing The Outsider

If you're a little sick of the low return of investment you get from the banks, then our next guest may have some profitable, but risky advice. Retired Taranaki resident, Carol Doyle, took a five per cent share in a horse racing syndicate.... and it paid off. The horse, Melody Belle, was the outsider for the Karaka Million race for two-year-olds. But she upset the favourites in January, to win at Ellerslie, in one of the country's most profitable races.

Melody Bell winning the Karaka Million at Ellerslie

Melody Bell winning the Karaka Million at Ellerslie Photo: Race Images

Nothing more to Say

1:45 Favourite Album

Lucy Mae Sparkle has picked Nothing more to say, by The Frightnrs.

2:10 Television Critic: Linda Burgess

Linda discusses two quite different TV Documentaries: "Under the Bridge" the one that the NZ Herald made about Papakura High, and "Elizabeth at 90," the one that Prince Charles 'made' about his mother. 

2:20 Hidden Talent: Former Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin

Peter Chin

Peter Chin Photo: Supplied

Hidden Talent is a new segment on Afternoons where we attempt to uncover hidden or secret attributes of various guests.  Maybe today we should rename it, additional talents because our guest has made no attempt to hide what he has done for years outside his normal profession.

He worked as a lawyer in Dunedin from 1968 and in 2004 began the first of two terms as the 56th mayor of the Edinburgh of the south.  He has also taken positions as Chair of the Otago Community Trust,  the Chinese Garden Trust, the Otago District Law Society and was head of the Gambling Commission, the government-appointed panel that regulates casinos.   But it's his other life we want to talk about to day with Peter Wing Ho Chin CNZM (Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.)

2:30 Expert: Dr Melanie Cheung on neurodegenerative diseases

Scan of a brain with Huntington's Disease

Scan of a brain with Huntington's Disease Photo: Dr Frank Gaillard

Dr Melanie Cheung is a neurobiologist based at the University of Auckland. She is currently involved in two areas of research; Huntington's disease and concussion.

Dr Cheung explores both Indigenous and Western scientific approaches to help people with neurodegenerative diseases. Since 2007 Melanie has been working closely with a large Taranaki Māori family who have Huntington's which is a dominantly inherited neurodegenerative disease that affects movement, personality, and higher cognitive functions.

And she's also researching concussion and is working with professional rugby players on that.

3:10 Modern Death: How medicine is changing end of life care

Do No Harm is a creed we expect medical professionals to live by. If you can't make us better, don't make us worse. But new pharmaceuticals and medical innovations sometimes blur the line between what is possible and what is best, according to Dr. Haider Warraich, an advocate for frank discussions about end of life care. He says many doctors end up wondering if they're harming or helping patients. His new book is "Modern Death: How Medicine Changed the End of Life."


Photo: RNZ

3:35 Voices: Being Mohamed

What's it like living with the most common name in the world? RNZ correspondent Mohamed Hassan finds out when he hears from a few New Zealanders sharing his name.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Allan Blackman and Chris Clark


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