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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 22 December 2016

1:10 First song: Tami Neilson - Sit Down Servant

Tami Neilson

Tami Neilson's Christmas gift to fans Photo: Supplied

While recently in Nashville, Tami Neilson recorded “Sit Down Servant” (in tribute to her idol Mavis Staples) at Jack White’s Third Man Records.  The 1947 “Voice-O-Graph” recording booth records up to 2 and a half minutes of audio and dispenses a 6" acetate.  Tami joins a long list of artists who have recorded in the booth, Jack White, Willie Nelson and Neil Young, who recorded his entire “A Letter Home” album in the booth with just his guitar.

As a Christmas gift to her fans, Tami is giving away the free download.

1:15 Embracing nature on the alternate route to Christchurch

The Department of Conservation wants Christmas holiday travellers to take their time and enjoy the sights on the alternate route between Picton and Christchurch.

State Highway One South of Kaikoura only reopened yesterday after the November quake caused severe slips - but it restricted to daylight hours, between 6am and 8pm, until all slip faces are stabilised and traffic signals are installed along a 1km coastal section of the route which is still down to a single lane.

State Highway One north of Kaikoura is still badly damaged - and it will take up to a year for both the road and rail lines to reopen.

John Wotherspoon is DOC's Operations Manager for Nelson Lakes

1:25 Community wants to buy home for local family

Locals in Paekakariki are throwing their support behind a special family.

Raima Kingi and her family of eight were told in July that the house they have rented for 16 years was to be sold. Raima couldn't afford to buy it, and they've found that rising rents, means they can't afford to rent elsewhere in the area. So, passionate residents have launched a campaign to help the family buy the house. Mark Amery is part of the Paekakariki Housing Trust, that's been set up to deal with housing issues in the village - which has set up a give-a-little fundraiser for the family.

Paekakariki Housing Trust

Paekakariki Housing Trust Photo: supplied

1:35 The Real Santas of New Zealand

The team at The Wireless got together to share stories of the Real Santas of New Zealand. People who make the effort to do good stuff all year round. Reporter, Susan Strongman, shares her stories.

Olivia Stonyer, middle, with Happiness Inn volunteers Karina Grime, left, and Sandra Budden, and Karina's son Braxton Dorward.

Olivia Stonyer, middle, with Happiness Inn volunteers Karina Grime, left, and Sandra Budden, and Karina's son Braxton Dorward. Photo: John Lake/The Wireless

1:40 Favourite album: Blue Christmas by Elvis

2:10 Theatre Critic John Smythe

John Smythe looks back at 2016 in NZ theatre

2:20 Money with Mary Holm

Personal Finance Expert Mary Holm continues her talk about Kiwisaver and why some people have still not joined. She also answers more questions from listeners

James Everett: president of the NZ Gaming Industry Association

3:10 Masterpieces: James Everett of the NZ Game Developers Assn

The New Zealand game development industry is one of our fastest growing. In the year to March it grew 13 percent to earn almost 90 million dollars

Our guest on Masterpieces today is the chair of the New Zealand Game Developers Association, James Everett.

3:25 The Expats: NYC fashion blogger, Isaac Hindin-Miller

Isaac Hindin-Miller was the first New Zealander to ever be fired for writing a blog post, back in 2008. As it turned out, his story was correct and he won a payout, which he used to travel to New York.

3:30 This Way Up: Helping kids see

This Way Up meets a couple who wants every child in New Zealand to have the best possible eyesight.

Mr Foureyes sells prescription glasses, and for every pair the opticians sell, a free pair of specs is given to a child who needs them.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

4:05 The Panel with Clark Gayford and Greg O'Connor


Music played in this show

With Jim Mora
1:00pm - 5:00pm

1:10pm - JIM'S SONG:
ARTIST:    Tami Neilson
TITLE:      Sit Down Servant
COMP:     Traditional
ALBUM:   Unreleased
LABEL:    Free Download

ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:      Blue Christmas
COMP:     Billy Hayes, Jay Johnson
ALBUM:   Blue Christmas    

ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:      Winter Wonderland
COMP:     Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith
ALBUM:   Blue Christmas    

ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:      Santa Bring My Baby Back (to Me)
COMP:     Aaron Schroeder, Claude Demetrius
ALBUM:   Blue Christmas    

ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:      White Christmas
COMP:     Irving Berlin
ALBUM:   Blue Christmas    

ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:      Silent Night.
COMP:     Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
ALBUM:   Blue Christmas    

4:30pm: - THE PANEL:  HALF-TIME SONG:    
ARTIST:    Nickleback
TITLE:      How You Remind Me
COMP:     Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Ryan Vikedal
ALBUM:   Silver Side Up
LABEL:    Roadrunner