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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 18 November 2016

1:10 First song:  Brown Girl - Aaradhna


Aaradhna at last nights New Zealand Music awards Photo: Supplied

1:15 Wellington CBD: Open Too Soon after big quake?

Wellington Mayor, Justin Lester, has defended the decision to re-open the city's CBD on Tuesday, despite more than 60 buildings closing. The mayor says the council had "strong advice"  from the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office on Monday, and the decision to re-open the CBD so quickly, was the right one. The council has faced criticism from engineers for allowing people to return to the CBD so quickly,  as detailed inspections in the following days showed structural damage to a number of buildings. That includes a car parking building near busy Courtenay Place which engineers say is at risk of an imminent collapse. The Civil Defence Minister, Gerry Brownlee, has expressed surprise and displeasure at how quickly the decision was made. Others are also warning Wellington not to be too quick to get back to business as usual.

Dr Ann Brower, was the only person to survive after a building on Colombo St collapsed, during Christchurch's fatal 22 February earthquake. Ann was on the number three bus, on her way to work, when the façade of a heritage building collapsed killing 12 people. Since the Christchurch earthquake, Ann has been campaigning to make earthquake-prone buildings safer. She is a lecturer of public policy at Lincoln University and has a Berkeley PhD in environmental science, policy and management.

1:25 Self Driving Car on Tauranga Roads

New Zealand's first official demonstration of a self driving vehicle, on a New Zealand public road, has just taken place in Tauranga. Minister of Transport, Simon Bridges, was a passenger in the vehicle. It was a partnership between the New Zealand Traffic Institute, Volvo, New Zealand Transport Agency, and the Ministry of Transport. 

Volvo New Zealand general manager, Coby Duggan, explains.

Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car Photo: Volvo

1:35 Critter of the Week: The Bluff Weta

Bluff weta Deinacrida elegans is one of the three species of giant Weta found in Kaikoura. They are found only in the Kaikoura ranges and on Mt Somers (South Canterbury).

Bluff weta Deinacrida elegans

Bluff weta Deinacrida elegans Photo: Warren Chinn

1:40 Favourite album: Dire Straits

ACT leader, David Seymour shares his favourite album, Dire Straits 1978 self titled debut album

2:10 Film Review with Richard Swainson

Richard reviews Pedro Almodovar's latest, Julieta and the new Sci-fi thriller, Arrival.

2:20 NZ Live: Miles Calder & The Rumours

Miles Calder & The Rumours

Miles Calder & The Rumours Photo: RNZ

Today, on New Zealand Live, a band who have recently released their debut album.  It comes after a marathon two year process and follows early success with an EP (Extended play) release from 2014 which was nominated for the Taite Music prize.  The band has played numerous New Zealand festivals and support shows and their songs have received high praise and honorable mentions from the organisers both the International Songwriting Competition and The John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

3:10 Vegan Food

Vegan sapasui (Samoan chop Suey)

Vegan sapasui (Samoan chop Suey) Photo: supplied

Vegan blogger, Apollo Taito shares a recipe for Vegan sapasui (Samoan chop Suey)

3:20 Wine with Yvonne Lorkin

Yvonne talks about the growing vegan wine industry in New Zealand

3:30 This Way Up: Along a fractured Highway

A day after the quake This Way Up's Simon Morton, complete with mountaiin bike and camping gear, managed to get dropped off by helicopter, 30 kilometres north of Kaikoura town.

His plan was to head north and follow state highway 1 to Blenheim, and find out how the locals were getting on.  

He crossed a slip heading north and then pedalled his way into Waipapa Bay. We play some sounds from his journey.

3:40 Go Ahead Caller

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

Music played in this show

With Jon Brodges
1:00pm - 4:00pm

1:10pm - JON'S SONG :
ARTIST:    Aaradhna
TITLE:        Brown Girl
COMP:    Aaradhna Patel, Jeffrey Scott, Vincent John
ALBUM:    Brown Girl
LABEL:    Dawn Raid    

ARTIST:    Dire Straits
TITLE:            Down to the Waterline
COMP:    Mark Knopfler
ALBUM:    Dire Straits
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Dire Straits
TITLE:            Sultans of Swing
COMP:    Mark Knopfler
ALBUM:    Dire Straits
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Dire Straits
TITLE:            Wild West End
COMP:    Mark Knopfler
ALBUM:    Dire Straits
LABEL:    Warner

ARTIST:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
TITLE:        Under An Endless Sky
COMP:    Miles Calder
ALBUM:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
TITLE:        Shadows
COMP:    Miles Calder
ALBUM:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
TITLE:        Don't Let Me Down
COMP:    John Lennon and Paul McCartney
ALBUM:    Unreleased
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington
ARTIST:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
TITLE:        Goodbye & Good Luck
COMP:    Miles Calder
ALBUM:    Miles Calder & The Rumours
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington

4:30pm - THE PANEL:
ARTIST:    Tracy Chapman
TITLE:        Telling Stories
COMP:    Tracy Chapman
ALBUM:    Telling Stories
LABEL:    Elektra