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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 25 July 2016

1:10 First song

1:15 Why hosting the Olympics is a bad idea

It's less than two weeks until the Rio Olympics begins, and there are doubts things will be ready in time. The Australian team will not move into the Olympic Village for the Games because of problems including 'blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring'.

Over the past few days, the New Zealand team has had to work on their rooms, before they were livable.

US sports economist Andrew Zimbalist is the Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College and argues that governments should avoid the contests at all costs.

1:30 School of creativity for disengaged students

Since 2009, alternative education provider, Nga Rangatahi Toa has been running programmes to help young people who've been excluded from their school.  The aim is to help disengaged youth find a path through education and hopefully a fulfilling career.  Now it is set to open a special school of creativity at the Manukau Institute of Technology in Otara.

Nga Rangatahi Toa's founder, Sarah Longbottom joins Jesse in the studio.

1:40 Favourite album

2:10 Boys teargassed while in confinement at Australian youth justice centre

Shocking footage showing boys at a Northern Territory youth justice centre being tear gassed while locked in their cells will air on Australian tv tonight.  The ABC current affairs show, Four corners, obtained the CCTV footage from the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre in Darwin, and has released some of it on the ABC website ahead of the screning of a documentary this evening.

A basic toilet and plastic chair inside a cell in the isolation wing of the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.

A basic toilet and plastic chair inside a cell in the isolation wing of the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. Photo: ABC / Four Corners

The detention centre had already been under investigation after it was previously revealed that children were being held in unlawful isolation, inside bare rooms. There were also claims from former inmates that staff at the facility made teenagers fight and eat animal faeces for rewards of junk food.  

Human Rights lawyer, Ruth Barson appears in the documentary and has seen the footage.

2:20 Television Critic Phil Wallington

Phil Wallington discusses the plethora of  "Housing un-affordability" stories, says Fair Go has become too lightweight, the new Gloriavale documentary and more.

2:30 Mastermind Winner, William Barnes

William Barnes devours history books. The high school English teacher from Hawke's Bay won last night's Mastermind final, thanks to a broad general knowledge, and his incredible recall of facts about American History in the 1960s. He joins Jesse in the studio to talk about his passion for history and why 60s America was such a time of change that sent ripples throughout the world.

William Barnes, 2016 NZ Mastermind Winner

William Barnes, 2016 NZ Mastermind Winner Photo: supplied

3:10 Historian Greg Jenner: Stone Age to Phone Age

Greg Jenner as a Norman soldier

Greg Jenner as a Norman soldier Photo: Michelle Feuerlicht

Every day is Ground Hog day for some aspects of our lives  according to historian  Greg Jenner.   He's the historical consultant to the BBC's Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry.  His  book,  A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life, From Stone Age To Phone Age reveals how our ancestors coped with the rituals of every day life that we still follow today and how our lives compare to theirs.

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