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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 13 July 2016

1:10 First song

1:15 Television debate for Helen Clark in her UN bid

The former prime minister Helen Clark has taken part in a television debate this morning between 10 of the candidates vying to become the next United Nations secretary-general.

The debate is the first of its kind for the UN - with questions will be asked by international ambassadors and some  submitted by members of the public on video.

1:25 The man who grew an ear on his arm

One of the more intriguing guests at the Dunedin science festival is performance artist Stelarc, who has visually probed and acoustically amplified his body, suspended himself with hooks in his skin, perfomed as a 6 legged walked robot and even grew an ear on his own arm.

It is all part of his exploration of the interfaces between man and machine and between art and science

1:35 Sound Archive: NZ's first pilots

One hundred years ago today the first New Zealander to get a pilot’s licence got that important piece of paper.  He was Vivian Walsh and with his brother Leo,  he had set up the Walsh Brothers Flying School at Orakei in Auckland.  Several recordings in the sound archives at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision recall these exciting early days of flying in New Zealand and Sarah Johnston plays us some of them.

1:40 Favourite album

2:20 Albert Manero: Making 3D printed limbs

Albert Manero is taking 3-D printing to a whole new level...

His non profit organisation Limbitless Solutions, makes personalised bionic limbs for children born without them, or who have lost them through injury or disease - all made thanks to 3D printing, which means they can be made at a fraction of the cost.

Albert Manero is a doctoral student in mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida - and is in Dunedin as a guest of the Science Festival.

He is our guest on Bookmarks, and shares some of the music, art, books and films that have inspired and entertained him.

3:10 Submarine designer, Lucy Collins

For many of us submarines are the stuff of action movies ... like Hunt for the Red October, or the adventures of the supermarionettes Troy Tempest and his crew on Stingray...

My next guest not only gets to live and work on them, she also designs them.

As a child, Lucy Collins had actually wanted to build space shuttles, but found out only US citizens could get that kind of work at NASA, so she eventually became a naval architect instead... and went on to specialise in submarine design.

3:35 New Zealand Society

Tales of life in Aotearoa.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

Music played in this show

Wednesday 13th July

ARTIST: The Verlaines
TITLE: Death And The Maiden"
COMP: Graeme Downes
ALBUM: Juvenilia
LABEL: Flying Nun

ARTIST: The United States of America
TITLE: The American Metaphysical Circus
COMP: Joseph Byrd
ALBUM: The United States of America
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: The United States of America
TITLE: Cloud Song
COMP: Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz
ALBUM: The United States of America
LABEL: Columbia

MUSIC CRITIC: Simon Sweetman
ARTIST: Margaret Glaspy
TITLE: Memory Street
COMP: Margaret Glaspy    
ALBUM: Emotions and Math
LABEL: ATO Records

ARTIST: Tortoise
TITLE: Rock On
COMP: David Essex
ALBUM: The Catastrophist
LABEL: Thrill Jockey

BOOKMARKS:  Alfred Manero
ARTIST: Postmodern Jukebox
TITLE: Royals
COMP: Ella Yellich O'Connor, Joel Little
ALBUM: Twist Is The New Twerk
LIVE: Mud Hut
ARTIST: Julia Fischer
TITLE: Caprice 24
COMP: Niccolò Paganini
ALBUM: Julia Fischer 24 Caprices Paganini
LABEL: Decca

ARTIST: Kacey Musgraves   
TITLE: Good Ole Boy's Club
COMP: Kacey Musgraves, Luke Laird, Natalie Hemby
ALBUM: Pageant Material
LABEL: Mercury

ARTIST: Spearhead
TITLE: Crime To Be Broke In America
COMP: Michael Franti
LIVE: Capitol