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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 11 July 2016

1:10 First song

1:15 Hep C Buyers Club

A group set up to help Hepatitis C sufferers access breakthrough new drugs says despite Pharmac now funding the treatment, thousands are still missing out.  Hazel Heal has suffered from Hepatitis C for about 30 years, and joined the the  FixHepC Buyers Club to access new medications at a fraction of the cost. As of this month Pharmac is now funding two of those drugs, but Hazel Heal says half of patients are still not able to access them.

1:25 Young Farmer of the Year

Athol New - 2016 Young Farmer of the Year

Athol New - 2016 Young Farmer of the Year Photo: supplied

It's a competition like no other. Over two intense days a group of young people compete in practical tasks like milking a cow, gruelling physical challenges, and complex planning such as developing an on-line heifer grazing system, as well as delivering a speech.

At the weekend, the winner was crowned. We speak to  Athol New - the 2016 Young Farmer of the Year

1:30 Takaka group fights to save historic grandstand

A group of Golden Bay locals is fighting to save its historic roofed grandstand - which the council plans to demolish to make room for a carpark. The barrel vaulted roofed stand is one of just two of its kind left in the country - it was built in 1899. Takaka based author Gerard Hindmarsh is one of those trying to save the grandstand.

1:40 Favourite album

2:10 Television Critic:  Melenie Parkes

2:20 Exploring synthesia


Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenen where some people perceive the world in a multi sensory way. For some it involves hearing colours in music, or visualising letters and numbers in different colours. For others, it is more spatial, where number sequences or the days of the week are perceived in locations in space.

It's a field that fascinates  Dr Patrick Shepherd, from Canterbury University's school of teacher education, who is  also a composer, conductor and performer.

3:10 US political commentator Jeff Greenfield

Jeff Greenfield

When the Republican and Democratic parties  meet at their conventions to officially nominate their candidates for President, they are usually ho hum affairs,  heavily scripted, with few surprises.  But not this year says veteran political analyst Jeff Greenfield. With Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, there is a sense that anything can happen.  As the Republicans start their convention this week, and the Democrats follow, next week, Jeff Greenfield talks about Trump, Hillary Clinton and the official start to the race for the White House.

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Music played in this show

Monday 11h July

ARTIST: Cass McCombs
TITLE: Run Sister Run
COMP: Cass McCombs
ALBUM: Mangy Love
LABEL: Domino Records

ARTIST: Moby Grape
TITLE: Fall On You
COMP: Peter Lewis
ALBUM: Moby Grape
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Moby Grape
TITLE: Ain't No Use
COMP: Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson
ALBUM: Moby Grape
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Moby Grape
TITLE: Someday
COMP: Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson, Skip Spence
ALBUM: Moby Grape
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Moby Grape
TITLE: Naked If I Want To
COMP: Jerry Miller
ALBUM: Moby Grape
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Jan Hellriegel
TITLE: Melusine
COMP: Jan Hellriegal
ALBUM: Non Albim Single
LABEL: NZOA        

ARTIST: Modest Mouse
TITLE: Lampshades On Fire
COMP: Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green
ALBUM: Stranger To Ourselves

ARTIST: Cat Stevens
TITLE: Wild World
COMP: Cat Stevens.
ALBUM: Tea For The Tillerman
LIVE: Island