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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 19 April 2016

1:10 First Song

Broods - 'Free'.

1:15 The Straight Dope On Medical Cannabis - Dr John Ashton

For months now, access to medical cannabis products, such as Sativex and Epidolex, has made headlines. Terminally ill former trade unionist, Helen Kelly, has been at the campaign forefront for legal access for patients. And recently New Zealand's first medical cannabis charity, Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand, was started. The debate could be called a political hot potato. But what do we know about these products? And how do they work? The Science Media Centre has just delivered a briefing, titled The straight dope on medical cannabis. Dr John Ashton, a senior lecturer in Pharmacology and Toxicology, from the University of Otago was one of the speakers.

1:25 Flashdance The Musical - Tom Hedley

First when there's nothing but a slow, glowing dream. So begins the song What a Feeling, theme to the movie Flashdance about an 18 year old girl who works in a steel mill but dreams of joining the ballet.  The critics didn't love it, but it was a huge hit, and the 1980s wouldn't have been the same without it. More than thirty years later, the story is back, with Flashdance the Musical, opening in Auckland this week. Tom Hedley is a British journalist, editor and screenwriter who wrote the movie Flashdance and The Musical.

1:35 The Hot Hot Property Market - Fiona Camberun

You can't go a day without reading a headline about property prices in Auckland, or the regions. And Fiona Camberun can speak about both. Fiona made a life-change a few years ago, becoming a full-time property investor and trader. She talks about what's up in the market.

1:40 Favourite Album

Midge Marsden - Midge Marsden Connection. 

2:10 BBC Witness - George Mallory

On 1 May 1999 the body of the legendary British mountaineer, George Mallory, was found on Mount Everest. Mallory disappeared on the mountain in 1924 after making a final push for the summit with his fellow climber Andrew Irvine. They were never seen again. Witness has been speaking to Jochen Hemmleb one of the original members of the team that discovered George Mallory's remains.

2:20 Great New Zealand Album

Salty - The Muttonbirds.

3:10 Feature Interview - Glen Weldon

There are very few things that kids in 2016 like that kids in 1939 enjoyed too. Batman, the superhero who has no super powers but a wicked batmobile and more gadgets than 007,  has appeal across the generations.  Why the longevity and what does that say about us? Holy pocket protector, Batman is a nerd according to author and pop culture commentator Glen Weldon. That and his very human reasons for fighting crime inspire passionate fandom. Weldon traces the evolution of the superhero in his new book The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture.

3:30 Our Changing World.

The 451 topographic maps that cover the length and breadth of New Zealand are a testament to the skill - and patience - of a team of map makers at Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). Alison Ballance is taken on a map-making tour to find out how aerial and satellite images are used, and how maps tell the story of our changing world.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show




ARTIST:         Broods

TITLE:             Free

COMP:           Georgia Nott, Caleb Nott, Joel Little

ALBUM:         Conscious (Unreleased)

LABEL:          Universal




ARTIST:         Midge Marsden Connection

TITLE:             Never In A Million Years

COMP:           Wayne Mason

ALBUM:         Midge Marsden Connection 

LABEL:          Mandrill


ARTIST:         Midge Marsden Connection

TITLE:             Slow Walk, Jive Talk

COMP:           Ta Rutherford, Midge Marsden

ALBUM:         Midge Marsden Connection 

LABEL:          Mandrill


ARTIST:         Midge Marsden Connection

TITLE:             Texas Blues

COMP:           Bob Wills

ALBUM:         Midge Marsden Connection 

LABEL:          Mandrill




ARTIST:         The Mutton Birds

TITLE:             Anchor Me

COMP:           Don McGlashan

ALBUM:         Salty

LABEL:          EMI


ARTIST:         The Mutton Birds

TITLE:             The Heater

COMP:           Don McGlashan

ALBUM:         Salty

LABEL:          EMI


ARTIST:         The Mutton Birds

TITLE:             Ngaire

COMP:           Don McGlashan

ALBUM:         Salty

LABEL:          EMI




ARTIST:         Neal Hefti     

TITLE:             Batman Theme

COMP:           Neal Hefti

ALBUM:         Favourite TV Theme Songs

LABEL:          Rhino


ARTIST:         The Tropical Downbeat Orchestra           

TITLE:             Witness

COMP:           The Tropical Downbeat Orchestra

ALBUM:         The Tropical Downbeat Orchestra

LABEL:          Muna




ARTIST:         Steely Dan

TITLE:             Dirty Work

COMP:           Walter Becker, Donald Fagen

ALBUM:         Can't Buy A Thrill

LABEL:          Probe