1:10 First Song

'Country Feedback' - REM.

1:15 Hungry Boy - Do You Care Enough To Be A Cop? - Karen Jones

A police recruitment video has been casuing a storm on social media. The video is called Hungry Boy - Do You Care Enough To Be A Cop? It features a boy, on the street, eating food out of rubbish bins. Karen Jones is the deputy chief executive of public affairs for the New Zealand Police. 

1:20 Smoking And Packaging - Professor Janet Hoek

It could be the next step in stopping people smoking. Otago University researchers, have found that cigarette sticks with printed health warnings or unattractive colours, could enhance the effects of plain packaging. In their paper published in the  BMJ journal Tobacco Control, the Otago researchers and colleagues in Australia conducted an online survey of 313 New Zealand smokers. Professor Janet Hoek is the co-director of ASPIRE 2025 from the university.

1:25 Chinook Salmon - Dr Patrice Rosengrave

New research into how chinook salmon reproduce has just been released by the University of Otago. It's the first evidence that cryptic female choice contributes to reproductive success. Chinook salmon, are native to the north-west coast of North America, and north-east Asia. The species was introduced here in the early 1900's and New Zealand remains the only place in the world, where the species has successfully been established. The research, was supported by the Marsden Fund of New Zealand, and appears in the UK journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. It was undertaken by Department of Anatomy researchers Dr Patrice Rosengrave and Professor Neil Gemmell.

1:30 Exploding Stars - Dr Brad Tucker

A team of scientists has captured the earliest minutes of two exploding stars. Dr Brad Tucker is an astronomer and outreach officer from the Australian National University. He has authored a report on the findings.

1:35 Sound Archives - Sarah Johnston

The Waikato River at Tūrangawaewae was a hive of activity last weekend, with thousands of people turning out to watch and take part in the annual Regatta, which sees a variety of Māori waka racing on the river, from primary school kids right up to the mighty waka tauā, the big war canoes, which are always an impressive sight. The Regatta has been held for over 120 years now, and over the years recordings of radio coverage of the event have found their way into the archives of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. 

1:40 Favourite Album

Deva Mahal Live At Hope Bros.

2:05 NOT Solar! - Simon Coates 

We received a lot of feedback about an interview yesterday with the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright. Jan was highlighting a report by Concept Consulting that compares electric cars and solar panels on the basis of carbon emissions. The distillation of that report being that electric cars are a must-have technology for the reduction of greenhouse gases in New Zealand, whereas solar energy is not nearly so attractive (from a carbon footprint standpoint). Fans of solar energy criticise the report as narrow and simplistic and flawed. So we've invited one of the study's authors, Simon Coates from Concept Consulting, to speak to their concerns. 

2:20 Bookmarks - Dr Miles Gregory

Dr Miles Gregory is the Executive Director of the Pop Up Globe.  He has been on before but we talked then almost exclusively about the theatre project, today we'll get to know more about the man himself as we expose his lists of favourite things.

3:10 Geoffonomics - Geoff Simmons

In the last week we have heard that the country is facing record levels of immigration and Andrew Little's comments about restricting the entry of ethnic chefs. It seems like an appropriate time to talk about the pros and cons of immigration with Geoff Simmons, an economist with the Morgan Foundation. 

3:20 The Wireless - Loulou Cillister-Baker

Dunedin gets a lot of publicity for all the bad behaviour that happens in North Dunedin but there is this another really creative side to the city, which is helped by the lower cost of living. Loulou Cillister-Baker has been writing about it for RNZ's online magazine The Wireless.

3:25 History - Grant Morris

New Zealand is right in the middle of a referendum on whether or not to change its flag.  We are being asked to choose between the incumbent - a blue ensign with the Union Jack in the top left corner and some stars representing the southern cross - and a new design by Kyle Lockwood in which the Union Jack is replaced by a silver fern. But HOW COME the Union Jack?  WHY Britain? Victoria University historian Grant Morris has given some thought to our historic ties to 'the mother country'.  

3:35 New Zealand Society

Chef Asher Boote opened Hillside Kitchen and Cellar in Wellington last year with business partner Jules Van Cruysen. It’s a tiny place - but Asher has big ideas. He grew up on a farm one valley away from the Bridge to Nowhere on the Whanganui River - and from there went on to work in Fox Glacier, Australia, Queenstown, London, Somerset, Channel Islands, Edinburgh, Auckland - and then Sweden, where he discovered the New Nordic Kitchen Movement, pioneered by Rene Redzepi and his restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Amelia Nurse joins Asher as he prepares for the third in his series of Meatless Monday evenings. 

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

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BOOKMARKS:  Dr Miles Gregory


ARTIST:         Rufus

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