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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 3 March 2016

1:15 Tackling Rugby - Professor Eric Anderson

Health experts in the UK are calling for a ban on tackling in school rugby. An open letter from than 70 doctors and health experts urges schools to move to touch or non-contact rugby to avoid serious injuries, such as concussion and fractures. One of the signatories is Professor Eric Anderson of the University of Winchester.

1:20 Martin Crowe - Obituary

One of New Zealand's most talented cricketers and greatest batsmen has died after a battle with lymphoma.

1:25 Martin Crowe - Brian Waddle

Cricket commentator Brian Waddle speaks with Jesse Mulligan, and together they remember Martin Crowe who died today. 

1:37 History Found At The Dump - Jason Blair

An historic piece of alpine history has turned up at a most unusual place. The very first log book of the West Coast Alpine Club has been found, dumped at the Greymouth tip. It dates back to the founding meeting of the club on 7 May 1936. And includes writings, photos and hand-drawn maps, documenting the clubs history into the 1950's. Jason Blair is a photographer, and the president of the West Coast Alpine Club.

1:40 Nazi Persecution of Gay And Lesbians - Professor William J Spurlin

Our next guest has been re-examining gender and sexuality in Nazi ideology, and how history views the persecution of gays and lesbians. William J Spurlin is professor of english and director of teaching and learning for Arts & Humanities at Brunel University London. He has written extensively on the politics of gender and sexual dissidence and is widely known for his work on queer theory. And Professor Spurlin is in New Zealand to give a talk at the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand this weekend. It's called What we know from the Historical Record: The persecution of Gay Men and Lesbians under the Third Reich.

1:45 Favourite Album   

Gravelled & Green - Actual Tigers

2:10 Remembering Martin Crowe - Neil Doherty

Martin Crowe, one of New Zealand's most talented cricketers, has died after a battle with lymphoma. He was 53. Neil Doherty remembers Martin as a child when he often played cricket on his front lawn.

2:15 Remembering Martin Crowe - China Gillman

China Gillman remembers Martin Crowe as a very good personal friend and workmate.

2:20 Money - Mary Holm

Mary Holm is a columnist and author who has written several books on personal finance matters. She also runs seminars on the subject. Today, part two of her advice on the sale and purchase of property. 

2:30 Burnt Barley - Peta Mathias

Peta takes us to Ireland's most famous dining room at Ballymaloe (pron. belly-ma-LOO) and equally renowned  cookery school  - not to mention a traditional Storytelling session.

2:40 Food Guests

Today's foodies are Eastbourne Wild Food Challenge organiser Bill Manson and champion cheesmaker, Jeanne Van Kuyk of Te Aroha. 

3:10 Masterpieces

Chelsea Nichols is an art historian whose collection-based research addresses the relationships between international and New Zealand modern art in the period between 1900-1970. Today she tells us about her favourite painting. Louise Henderson, Les deux amies (The two friends), 1953, oil on canvas. Purchased 2011, with the assistance of the Molly Morpeth Canaday fund. Te Papa (2011-0012-1)

3:25 The Expats

We're off to Niue and the capital city, Alofi. Mark Blumsky is a New Zealander living on the island. He's our Expat for today.

3:30 Our Changing World

A team of scientists has set up a drill rig and twin-pontoon barge in Lake Ohau, a glacial lake in the Mackenzie Basin, as part of a major drilling project to explore its climate history. During the last Ice Age (some 20,000 years ago) the lake basin was filled with a large glacier, which retreated suddenly about 17,500 years ago. Veronika Meduna joins the team to find out what the lake can tell us about changes in the South Island's rainfall during this period of past climate change.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts. 

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