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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 18 February 2016

1:10 First Song

Marlon Williams - 'Hello Miss Lonesome'.

1:17 Easter Island Mysteries - Professor Carl Lipo

It's been held up for decades as a story of ecocide. A group of polynesian settlers land on the shores of Easter Island or Rapa Nui - they build farms and erect the giant stone statues which still stand on the islands today. But the introduction of the polynesian rat together with rampant deforestation wipe out all the natural food sources and farms fail as soil fertility drops. Society breaks down and descends into warfare and cannibalism. In the end all that is left is the giant stone statues, obsidian spearheads and a small number of survivors. Well that's one theory, but my next guest - Archaeologist Carl Lipo from Binghamton University, says it's not so simple.

1:27 Flamenco - Isabel Rivera Cuenca

The passionate, emotional sounds of Flamenco. Spanish Flamenco dancer, Isabel Rivera Cuenca, is here to talk about the art form. She'll be performing in Auckland next week at Q Theatre.

1:34 Flying Dogs - Mark Vette

In the past he's taught dogs to drive and now he's teaching dogs to fly. New Zealand animal trainer, Mark Vette, is making an attempt to teach our furry friends to pilot a plane. It's part of a new reality show being filmed in the UK, called Dogs Might Fly.

1:40 Favourite Album

Gravelled And Green - The Actual Tigers. 

2:10 Money with Mary Holm

Mary Holm is the author of several books about personal finance. She's a newspaper columnist, financial commentator and leader of seminars on financial matters. Today she's answering your questions.

2:30 Burnt Barley - Pita Mathias

Peta Mathias takes us to Doolin - the musical heart of County Clare where she wends her way through the crowds of foreigners in the three pubs, all pulsing with traditional Irish music.

2:45 Food Guest

Ray McVinnie drops in for a chat about food, including his apricot cake recipe.

3:10 Masterpieces

Today's guest on Masterpieces is Simon Wilson, Editor-at-large of Metro magazine, discusses his favourite essay.

3:25 The Expats

Time for our weekly catch-up with an Expat. And today we're speaking with New Zealander, Kelly Charles Bolton. Kelly has been living in Japan and he has a rather unusual job, he's a fake priest.

3:30 Our Changing World

With demand for solar energy on the rise globally, materials scientist Jonathan Halpert is focusing his research effort on developing new nano-structured materials that make solar panels more efficient, more flexible, cheaper and greener. Veronika Meduna meets him in the lab to find out about solar cells that could soon be coated on clothes and incorporated into windows.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.