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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 19 February 2016

1:10 First Song

'Black Sun' - Death Cab for Cutie.

1:15 The Wellington Phoenix - Matt Chatterton

The Wellington Phoenix football club has been given a 10-year licence extension in the A-League. The 10-year deal with Football Federation Australia is made up of a 4-year-deal and two three-year extensions dependent on continued broadcast deals and crowd numbers. RNZ's sport reporter, Matt Chatterton.

1:20 Nanogirl - Dr Michelle Dickinson

Dr Michelle Dickinson AKA Nanogirl is holding a special show next Monday, blowing things up, holding fire in her hand, shooting off air cannons and generally making science entertaining. That's all pretty normal for her scientific super hero alter-ego. The special thing about next Monday's show is that it's especially targeting students at low decile schools and trainee teachers.

1:25 Death Cab For Cutie - Nick Harmer

They've been described as indie rock, indie pop, and alternative rock. And the band has just been up for Best Rock Album at the Grammys. They've released an impressive eight studio albums. Death Cab For Cutie formed in Washington in the late nineties. And bassist, Nick Harmer, is in Wellington today, ahead of two shows.

1:35 Being A Professional Mermaid - Candice Smith

Candice Smith is a 28-year-old nurse in Christchurch but her dream job is to become a professional mermaid. She's just recently spent about 600 dollars constructing her own mermaid tail and spends her spare time swimming around in the ocean with it.

1:40 Favourite Album

Catie Curtis - A Crash Course in Roses. 

2:06 Critter Of The Week - Nicola Toki

Our Critter Of The Week is not exactly a critter. It's Dactylanthus taylorii, NZ's only flowering parasitic plant. It's also known as flower of the underworld, and te pua o Reinga.

2:10 New Zealand Society

Two hundred gay, lesbian and transgender singers from Australia and New Zealand have got together to be "Out and Loud" in Auckland. They're here for a long weekend of singing workshops and performances, alongside Auckland's Gay Pride Festival.  David Steemson finds out more. 

2:20 NZ Live - Tami Neilson

On New Zealand Live today we have the Canadian import Tami Neilson. She's just arrived back in the country following a visit to her homeland and she's kicking off a new tour in support of her album Don't Be Afraid.

3:10 Food, Wine, Movies and Music for your Weekend.

Food - Gareth Stewart has a recipe for Jerk Chicken.

Wine - Yvonne Lorkin

Movies - Dr Richard Swainson

Music - Yadana Saw

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Julie Moffett.