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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 12 November 2015

1:10 First Song

'Hey Jude' - The Beatles.

1:15 Gender Neutral Kids Clothing - Rachel Hansen

Gendered clothes are part and parcel of a child's upbringing now - and if you're a parent of small children, you'll be only too familiar with the swathes of frilly, sparkly pink and purple clothes on offer for little girls - and the muted blue, grey and green truck and digger tops for boys. Mother of two, Rachel Hansen, was so frustrated by such marketing and stereotypes that she decided to set up a gender-neutral kids clothing company, "Freedom Kids".

1:25 Photography Project - Sakina Ewazi

Sakina Ewazi was only five when she and her parents were rescued among 400 others by the Norwegian freighter Tampa from a sinking fishing vessel off Australia's coast. It was their fourth attempt at fleeing Indonesia, each previous boat sank and they'd had to swim for their lives. New Zealand accepted more than 130 Tampa refugees, including Sakina and her parents. Despite being so young, the memories are vivid in her mind. Now a visual arts student, Sakina is drawing on those terrifying childhood experiences for her photography project and telling her story for the first time at AUT's art and design festival.

1:35 Detector Dogs - Brett Hickman

The biosecurity detector dogs and their handlers are celebrating 20 years in the food-and-drug sniffing business today. What started with the purchase of two beagles in 1995 has spread to dozens of dogs perusing airport luggage carousels and ports around the country. They've celebrated with cake at the A and P show in Christchurch today.

1:40 Favourite Album

Stone Roses - Stone Roses.

2:10 Money - Mary Holm

Personal finance columnist and author Mary Holm addresses the question of home ownership.  Should you own your own home?

2:30 Sirocco - Pita Mathias

In today's episode of Sirocco,  Peta and her friend Anna take a day trip to Fes, a 1000 year old imperial city, in the train. They've both been warned, but still fall for a typically Moroccan scam.

2:45 Food Guests

Sam Mannering

Auckland's Silo Theatre is putting on a play about the classic cooking duo Hudson and Halls at the Herald Theatre at the moment. Part of the show's run includes a Hudson and Halls dinner experience on the Civic Theatre stage on Saturday night and chef Sam Mannering has been charged with creating a three-course meal of weird and wonderful selections from Hudson and Hall cook books.

Mawera Karetai

Mawera Karetai has a weekly cooking column in the Rotorua DAily Post and runs a website espousing the virtues of living off the land.

3:10 Masterpieces - Karl Maughan

In Masterpieces renowned artist Karl Maughan tells us about his favourite New Zealand painting.  

3:25 Expats - Nadeesha Godamunne  

When Nadeesha Godamunne isn't working as a fashion illustrator for Ralph Lauren, she's capturing the whimsical and stylish characters of New York for her blog, Mokshini.

3:30 The Mussel Crusher - Katy Gosset

They call it the 'mussel crusher' - a machine that tests the strength of New Zealand mussel shells as part of research to help the local aquaculture industry. Katy Gosset visits the NIWA labs in Christchurch to find out more.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts. 

Music played in this show


ARTIST: The Beatles
TITLE: Hey Jude
COMP: Lennon/McCartney
ALBUM: The Beatles: 1967-1970 (Compilation)
LABEL: Apple


ARTIST: Stone Roses
TITLE: She bangs the drums
COMP: Brown, Squire
ALBUM: Stone Roses
LABEL: Liberation

ARTIST: Stone Roses
TITLE: Made of Stone
COMP: Brown, Squire
ALBUM: Stone Roses
LABEL: Liberation

ARTIST: Stone Roses
TITLE: This is the one
COMP: Brown, Squire
ALBUM: Stone Roses
LABEL: Liberation

ARTIST: Stone Roses
TITLE: I am the resurrection
COMP: Brown, Squire
ALBUM: Stone Roses
LABEL: Liberation


ARTIST: The Beatles
TITLE: Penny Lane
COMP: Lennon, McCartney
ALBUM: Magical Mystery Tour
LABEL: Parlophone