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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 11 November 2015

1:10 First song

'Game Over' - Cool Uncle

1:15 Historic Dome Destroyed - Peter Entwisle   

High winds have brought down an unusual dome-shaped pavilion near Taieri Mouth in Otago. The structure has been identified as the last surviving building from a world's fair held in Dunedin in 1889-90. The building, at Kuri Bush, had for many years been used as a hay barn on a farm  owned by three generations of the Geeves family.
The Otago historian Peter Entwisle knows the building's history.  

1:27 Wheelchair Inventor - Kevin Halsall

The inventor of a revolutionary electric wheelchair says he has been flooded with cash offers and people begging him to start production. Otaki's Kevin Halsall says he will likely start building and selling the Ogo in 2016 after news of the hands-free, Segway-based device went global.

1:35 The Outback Wrangler - Matt Wright

He's a real life crocodile wrangler. Australian chopper pilot and animal rescuer, Matt Wright, spends his time taking on big crocs, and relocating them in order to save them. And the Outback Wrangler has made a new tv show about his adventures.

1:40 Favourite Album

Cold Fact - Rodriguez

2:10 Reserve Bank Apology -  Robyn Rauna

The Reserve Bank has apologised for wrongly attributing the origins of the tukutuku panel, that's represented on the new ten dollar bank note. It comes after a Maori Trust called in the lawyers, saying the design was attributed as coming from the Te Hau ki Turanga wharenui, without permission. The wharenui is the oldest in the country and is housed in Te Papa Tongarewa. Robyn Rauna is the Te Hau ki Turanga trust project manager.

2:20 Roadmap - Pirongia

Located 20 minutes' drive between Hamilton and Te Awamutu is today's roadmap destination of Pirongia. The village is a popular service town for tourists on State Highway 39 who are heading to the Waitomo Caves. The village has a rich history. It's home to the DB Draught Clydesdales which became famous in the 80s. It's also where King Tawhio declared peace and an end to the Waikato land wars. 

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Paul Brislen is here to talk about digital technology in education, the (somewhat limited) future of copper telephone lines, and some ideas about home networking.

Some help, here, with Windows 10.

Printicular launches in New Zealand next week. Printicular is the fastest photo-printing app in the world. It was made here in NZ, and up til now only available to US and German users.

3:25 The Wireless - Mava Moayyed

Mava previews an upcoming feature in RNZ's online magazine, The Wireless. 

3:35 New Zealand Society - Amelia Nurse

Orientation Aotearoa is an eight month residential education programme for aspiring change-makers aged 18 to 28. It was founded in part by Lucy Carver and Skye Chadwick and it focuses on leadership, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. The two are finalists for the youth section of Wellingtonian of the Year to be announced next week. Amelia Nurse visits their Shelly Bay campus to find out about how they’re empowering youth to lead change in an increasingly complex world.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show


ARTIST: Cool Uncle
TITLE: Game Over [ft. Mayer Hawthorne]
COMP: Caldwell, Splash
ALBUM: n/a
LABEL: n/a


ARTIST: Rodriguez
TITLE: Jane S Piddy
COMP: Sixth Prince
ALBUM: Cold Fact
LABEL: Light in the attic

ARTIST: Rodriguez
TITLE: Rich Folks Hoax
COMP: Rodriguez
ALBUM: Cold Fact
LABEL: Light in the attic

ARTIST: Rodriguez
TITLE: Hate Street Dialogue
COMP: Coffey, Harvey, Theodore
ALBUM: Cold Fact
LABEL: Light in the attic


ARTIST: The Finn Brothers
TITLE: Gentle Hum
COMP: Finn, Finn
ALBUM: Everyone Is Here

ARTIST: Taste Nasa
TITLE: Time Goes By
COMP: Clampitt
ALBUM: Time Goes By
LABEL: Vitalic

ARTIST: Jenny Morris
TITLE: You I know
COMP: Finn
ALBUM: Jenny Morris: The Best Of, The Story So Far (Compilation)
LABEL: Eastwest

ARTIST: Katchafire
TITLE: Get Away
COMP: Bell, Bell ,Ferguson, Adams-Tamatea, Hohepa
ALBUM: Get Away
LABEL: Shock


TITLE: Life for Rent
COMP: Armstrong, Armstrong
ALBUM: Life for Rent