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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 31 August 2015

1:10 Song You Have To Hear

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road.

1:15 Weather Report - Georgina Griffiths

The End of the Winter Weather? Met Service meteorologist Georgina Griffiths tells us what we can expect Spring to bring.

1:25 Reversing Drug Overdose - Ross Bell

If you're not aware of New Zealand's overdose problem, you're not alone. That's the message from the New Zealand Drug Foundation. Ross Bell is the Executive Director of the foundation, and he says New Zealanders don't like to talk openly about intravenous drug use. 

1:30 Maze Maker - Adrian Fisher

We're talking about the ancient and magical world of mazes. They can cause feelings of excitement, meditation, panic or serenity, and have been part of human culture for thousands of years. Adrian Fisher is renowned as the world's leading maze designer. He's created more than 600 mazes over the past 35 years.

1:40 Feature album

Rex Grainger has chosen REM's Out Of Time.  It won three Grammys in 1992 and features Losing My Religion, Near Wild Heaven, Country Feedback and Radio Song.

2:10 The Critics

TV - Phil Wallington
Music - Colin Morris

Breaking News - Wes Craven dies - Alexander Bisley

Books - Paul Little
Art - Joe Prisk

3:10 Feature interview - Meredith Walker

Late at night, after a long day working for one of the most celebrated live comedy shows on TV, Amy Poehler and her best friend, producer Meredith Walker often talked not about the heights their careers had reached on Saturday Night Live, but about how hard it was to survive their teenage years. So they created a  web show for teenage girls that they would have liked when they were going through those difficult years called Smart Girls. It encourages girls to change the world by being themselves.

3:35 Voices - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

Spicy Pigs ear is surprisingly delicious. Lynda joins other foodies on the secret dining trail as part of the Wellington on a Plate festival to learn about Chinese culture through their traditional dishes. The Chinese secret trail starts with ingredients and preparation and ends with calligraphy and deserts - Asian style.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Jim Mora, Jesse Mulligan and Noelle McCarthy.