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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 26 August 2015

1:10 Songs You Have To Hear

Silverbird - Lyfe. 

New York musician Tim Barr, once a member of Lana Del Rey's backing band, is currently winning critical acclaim in his own right for 'Pureland' the new album from his band Silverbird.  Listen for infectious melodies and swirling, intricate rhythms combining to provide an absolutely enchanting soundscape.

1:15 Dolphin Rescue - Ingrid Visser 

While the Department of Conservation attempts to keep a whale alive near Point Chevalier beach in Auckland, Whale Rescue has another operation underway out from Whangarei Harbour.  Ingrid Visser says a bottle-nose dolphin may have become entangled in a net. 

1:20 Lisa Tamati - Ultra Marathon Runner

She's one of the top ultra marathon runners in the world, and she's achieved it against the odds. New Zealand athlete, Lisa Tamati, was often hospitalised with asthma as a child. Yet she's gone on to run more than 60,000 kilometres across every major desert in the world, and run the entire length of New Zealand in 38 days. Lisa is in Auckland today to talk about Asthma New Zealand's Auckland Mail Drop.

1:30 New Zealand Fashion Week - Lydia Jane Saunders

It's day three of New Zealand Fashion Week and the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection is about to start at The Viaduct. It includes presentations from Barkers, Crane Brothers, Natalie Chan, Hera Bridal, John Zimmerman, Robyn Cliffe and Working Style. And on the line is wedding stylist and editor for Complete Wedding Magazine, Lydia Jane Saunders.

1:35 Whale Rescue - Louisa Hawkes

Project Jonah staff are working to save what they think is an Antarctic Minke Whale beached at Pt Chevalier.  

1:40 Feature Album

OMC - How Bizarre.  Chosen by Simon Grigg.

2:10 Near Suicide - Alan Clothier

Allan Clothier was moments away from a shotgun suicide when the light in his shed blew out.  Then a black horse walked up to him and rubbed against his chest. 

2:15 Talking Food 

Rachel Taulelei is the CEO of Yellow Brick Road which provides high quality well sourced seafood to New Zealand restaurants. She's also founder of the WEllington City Market and shucks a mean oyster.

The last in our short Feature series with Amelia Nurse - who's looking at NZ 's restaurants in the 1960s, and today some of the characters from that time. Amelia finds out that to fit in, you'd best learn to dance on tables and swear like a sailor! 

Mike Murphy runs Kokako a cafe and coffee roastery in Grey LYnn. He's just come back from a trip to Papua new Guinea to visit some of the people who grow the beans that end up in your flat whites.

Ben Hurley is an award winning stand up comedian who's eaten in the best and worst restaurants of New Zealand as he travels from town to town doing gigs. Each week he joins us to talk about his best eating discoveries in New Zealand's smaller towns.

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Today, our technology correspondent Paul Brislen busts a myth about the effect screen-time has on kids' reading ability, has some advice about what to do with your device in an emergency and answers your questions about stuff. 

Lillian Grace is an ex PE teacher who got into the software business and was staggered to realise most Kiwis don't know anything about their own country.  She started Wiki NZ which provides easy/ready access to the basic sort of information that should be readily available to everyone. Now it's rebranded as www.Figure.NZ  

3:25 The Wireless

This week in Radio New Zealand's on-line magazine THE WIRELESS, Natasha Frost speaks to young men and women in New Zealand are devoting their lives to the Church.

3:35 Eyewitness - Lynda Chanwai-Earle

Imagine having to beg for your child's life with nothing but a couple of cigarettes as a bribe.  Thirty years after their trauma a group of Kiwi Cambodian women are only now able to tell their stories in a publication launched at Parliament last week titled "I tried not to cry".  Lynda Chanwai-Earle meets these extraordinary women to learn more.  

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talkimng about.  With Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zoe George.