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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 17 June 2015

1:10 Your Song

Spider and I by Brian Eno.  Chosen by Jo Burzynska.

1:20 Music Trivia game 

No clues here, sorry.

2:10 Forty Years of Hospital Food - Gillian Gonthier 

Gillian Gonthier has spent the past 40 years thinking about and preparing hospital food. The dietician started her career at Taranaki Base Hospital in 1976. It was a time when hospital breakfasts were cooked - porridge and eggs, sausages, mince or even kidneys. Gillian was charge dietitian, managing 66 staff members and two kitchens, at Barrett St and Base Hospital. She's recently retired and speaks about how hospital food has changed over her career.  

2:20 Present Perfect - Evan Briggs

Feeling connected as we age can be a challenge, but one retirement village has come up with a unique way to keep its residents engaged. Providence Mount St. Vincent, is a retirement facility in Seattle. But it's also home to a pre-school. It's called an Intergenerational Learning Centre, and five days a week, those at the beginning of life and those nearing the end, come together. Evan Briggs is a documentary maker who has spent a year filming at the centre. The documentary is called Present Perfect.   

2:30 NZ Reading - One Flat Coyote

The journey crosses the Ottawa river into the province of Quebec and total French immersion.

2:45 Feature album

Boodle Boodle Boodle - The Clean (1981). 

3:10 Tech News - Paul Brislen

Our technology correspondent, Paul Brislen, discusses a range of new gadgets. 

3:30 Fieldays Food - Amelia Nurse

126 000 people is a lot of mouths to feed over four days. So when Amelia Nurse attended the 44th Annual Fieldays at Mystery Creek outside of Hamilton, she was curious to see what was on offer.  And she found much more than hotdogs and burgers!

New Zealand Society

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Jim Mora, Zara Potts, Ella Henry and Jeremy Elwood.



Wednesday 17 June 2015  


ARTIST:      Brian Eno
TITLE:        Spider And I
COMP:     Eno
ALBUM:   Before And After Science
LABEL:      VIRGIN    577292


ARTIST:     Beyonce
TITLE:        Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
COMP:     Harrell, Knowles, Nash
ALBUM:         I Am Sasha Fierce
LABEL:      COLUMBIA    719492

ARTIST:     New Vaudeville Band
TITLE:        Winchester Cathedral
COMP:     Stephens
ALBUM:        Winchester Cathedral

ARTIST:     Christopher Cross
TITLE:        Sailing
COMP:     Christopher Cross
ALBUM:       Christopher Cross
LABEL:      WARNER    113383

ARTIST:     Roger Miller
TITLE:        King Of The Road
COMP:     Roger Miller
ALBUM:   Roger Miller: King Of The Road   
LABEL:      MERCURY    526993

ARTIST:     Nirvana
TITLE:        Smells Like Teen Spirit
COMP:     Cobain, Grohl, Novoselic
ALBUM:         Nevermind

ARTIST:     Sam Smith
TITLE:        Stay With Me
COMP:     Sam Smith,James Napier,William Phillips
ALBUM:         In The Lonely Hour

ARTIST:     Kim Carnes
TITLE:        Bette Davis Eyes
COMP:     DeShannon, Weiss
ALBUM:       Kim Carnes: Gypsy Honeymoon   
LABEL:      EMI    798223

ARTIST:     Bette Midler
TITLE:        Wind Beneath My Wings
COMP:     Bette Midler
ALBUM:         Beaches
LABEL:      ATLANTIC    781933


ARTIST:     The Clean
TITLE:        Anything Could Happen
COMP:     Kilgour, Kilgour, Scott
ALBUM:       Boodle, Boodle, Boodle  
LABEL:      FLYING NUN    fn003

ARTIST:     The Clean
TITLE:        Thumbs Off
COMP:     Kilgour, Kilgour, Scott
ALBUM:       Boodle, Boodle, Boodle  
LABEL:      FLYING NUN    fn003

ARTIST:     The Clean
TITLE:        Point That Thing Somewhere Else
COMP:     Kilgour, Kilgour, Scott
ALBUM:       Boodle, Boodle, Boodle  
LABEL:      FLYING NUN    fn003

ARTIST:     The Clean
TITLE:        Sad Eyed Lady
COMP:     Kilgour, Kilgour, Scott
ALBUM:       Boodle, Boodle, Boodle  
LABEL:      FLYING NUN    fn003


ARTIST:     Steve Miller Band
TITLE:        Fly Like An Eagle
COMP:     Miller
ALBUM:   Steve Miller Band: Greatest Hits 1974 - 1978
LABEL:      CAPITOL    546101