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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 18 March 2015

1:10 Your Song

Time Makes A Wine by Ardijah.  Chosen by Tim Egan in Matawhero

1:20 Music Trivia game 

No clues here, sorry! 

2:10  Aid update from Tanna Island - Andrew Finlay

It's been four days since a devastating category five cyclone struck Vanuatu, with severe winds causing widespread destruction to infrastructure and food crops. The country is warning of food shortages and the threat of disease. And the Government in Vanuatu is coming under fire for taking control of the distribution of aid in the wake of Cyclone Pam. Andrew Finlay is an environmentalist and community development expert, that has been working with communities on the island of Tanna for the past five years, including providing emergency relief when Cyclone Lusi hit last year. Andrew is also a TEAR Fund Programmes Officer and he arrived at Tanna Island yesterday

2:15 Rheumatic Fever Vaccination - Dr Lance O'Sullivan

A new vaccine to combat disease caused by rheumatic fever may soon become a reality. It has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of deaths from preventable heart disease, throughout the world each year. Dr Lance O'Sullivan is a Northland-based doctor who set up a low cost rural clinic, Te Ko-hanga Whaka-ora -The Nest of Wellness, in Kaitaia

2:20 The largest cave in the world - Ryan Deboodt 

It's the largest cave in the world, and one photographer has used drones to capture it both by ground and air. To date, the footage has been viewed nearly 900,000 times online. The cave is called Hang Son Doong. And it's located in Quang Binh province, in Vietnam. It was found by a local man named Ho Khanh in 1991 and was recently discovered in 2009 by British cavers. It's believed to have been created 2-5 million years ago and is more than 200 meters wide, 150 meters high, and approx 9 kilometers long. Ryan Deboodt is a photographer who shot the footage of the cave. He is a cave, adventure, and travel photographer based in Beijing, China

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt on Vimeo.

2:30 Festival Review - Justin Gregory

Justin and friends review the Auckland Arts Festival  

2:45 Feature album

Too Low For Zero - Elton John

3:10 Tech News - Paul Brislen

A proposed GST on Internet products, the tech sector's 'women problem' (a lack of women that is, in leadership roles) and the future is ... flying cars

3:30 New Zealand Society - Sonia Sly

Emptying your mind…that's the optimum state of being when it comes to riding waves, according to a yoga teacher, who last year, set up a learning to surf club just for women. Sonia Sly heads out to Lyall Bay in Wellington to find out more

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Zara Potts, Chris Gallavin and Niki Bezzant



Wednesday 18 March




ARTIST: Ardijah   

TITLE:  Time Makes A Wine 

COMP: R Monga







TITLE:   You Shook Me All Night Long

COMP:  Young, Young, Johnson

ALBUM: Back In Black

LABEL: Albert 477089



TITLE:  Rock Lobster 

COMP: Fred Schneider, Ricky Wilson 

ALBUM: Time Capsule 

LABEL: Reprise 246920


ARTIST: Talking Heads

TITLE:  Take Me To The River

COMP: Al Green, Mabon Hedges

ALBUM: The Best Of Talking Heads

LABEL: Sire 276488


ARTIST: Celine Dion  

TITLE:  It's All Coming Back To Me Now 

COMP: Celine Dion

ALBUM: (Ex I-Tunes) 


ARTIST: Grace Jones

TITLE:  My Jamaican Guy

COMP: Jones

ALBUM: Funky Nassau - The Compass Point Story

LABEL: Strut 330332


ARTIST: Robert Palmer 

TITLE:  You Really Got Me 

COMP: The Kinks 

ALBUM: (Ex I-Tunes) 


ARTIST: Bjork 

TITLE: It's Oh So Quiet 

COMP:  Bjork

ALBUM: Post 

LABEL: Mother 527733  




ARTIST: Elton John 

TITLE:   I'm Still Standing

COMP:  John, Taupin

ALBUM: Too Low For Zero



ARTIST: Elton John 

TITLE:   I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

COMP:  John, Johnstone, Taupin

ALBUM: Too Low For Zero



ARTIST: Elton John 

TITLE:   I Want To Kiss The Bride

COMP:  John, Taupin

ALBUM: Too Low For Zero





ARTIST: Nina And Frederik

TITLE:   Little Boxes

COMP:  Reynolds

ALBUM: The Very Best Of