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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 3 March 2015

1:10 Your Song

You've Got A Friend - James Taylor. Chosen by Neil Bruce of Hamilton

1:20 The Critics

1. TV review - Phil Wallington

2. Books - Vanda Symon

3 Music - Colin Morris

4. Web - Daniela Maoate-Cox

2:10 Underwater Volcano Research - Cornel deRonde

Scientists head off from Auckland today on an 18-day voyage to investigate sea-floor volcanoes near Raoul Island - it's the first time they've inspected them so closely. We speak to Dr Cornel deRonde from GNS

2:20 The King Of Swords - Dave Hannay

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to go it alone and start up your own business - and other times all it might take is a twenty-foot shipping container filled with thousands of swords, daggers and knives

That was the case for our guest, Napier man Dave Hannay, who for the past nine years has been running King of Swords on Hasting Street

2:30 NZ Reading - Something to Look Forward To by Victoria Feltham. (Read by Denise O'Connell)

Inspired by a women's magazine, the narrator gives her lover an ultimatum ... choose between your wife or me

2:45 Feature album

Sigh No More. Mumford and Sons

3:10 Feature interview - Jane Wilde

For 30 years, Jane Wilde says she remained in the shadows while her famous husband devoted himself to fame, success and thoughts of the universe. She started caring for professor Stephen Hawking when he was diagnosed with Motor Nueron Disease at age 22 until they divorced. Their marriage is the basis of the movie, The Theory of Everything. The screenplay for the film was written by New Zealander Anthony McCarten and is based on Jane Wilde Hawking's memoir about her years with Stephen Hawking. Now she's updated her original memoir in a new book called.. Travelling to Infinity: The True Story Behind the Theory of Everything that gives her account of their marriage, the painful divorce and recent reconciliation

3:35 Our Changing World - Alison Ballance

To mark Seaweek we're looking beneath the surface of Wellington's Pauatahanui Inlet with NIWA's Warrick Lyon. Alison joins Warrick out on the water to find out about the innovative electronic tracking system he has developed so he can follow the movements of rig sharks - and she hears about 'stolen' tags and other tales of sharky woe

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Zara Potts, Josie Pagani and Tony Doe


Tuesday 3 March


ARTIST: James Taylor

TITLE: You've Got A Freind

COMP: Carole King

ALBUM: Five Live

LABEL: Columbia 115329



ARTIST: The Mavericks

TITLE: Nitty Gritty

COMP: Doug Sahm


LABEL: Universal


ARTIST: Pops Staples

TITLE: Gotta Serve Somebody

COMP: Bob Dylan

ALBUM: Don't Lose This

LABEL: Warner



ARTIST: Mumford And Sons

TITLE: Little Lion Man

COMP: Mumford And Sons

ALBUM: Sigh No More



ARTIST: Mumford And Sons

TITLE: The Cave

COMP: Mumford And Sons

ALBUM: Sigh No More



ARTIST: Mumford And Sons

TITLE: Winter Winds

COMP: Mumford And Sons

ALBUM: Sigh No More




ARTIST: The Kinks

TITLE: Dead End Street

COMP: Ray Davies

ALBUM: Face To Face

LABEL: Sanctuary 492028