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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 4 March 2015

1:10 Your Song

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson. Chosen by RNZAF Firefighter Matt Fistonich

1:20 Music Trivia Game 

No clues here.  Sorry!

2:10 The Dusky Woodswallow - Colin Miskelly

Last year's sighting of the starling-sized bird by two Japanese birdspotters has just been confirmed by a panel in New Zealand - making it the country's newest bird species. We talk to the panel's convenor, Te Papa's Curator of Terrestrial Vertebrates, Dr Colin Miskelly

Dusky woodswallow
The Dusky Woodswallow – as seen near Traill Park, Stewart Island. Image: Satoshi Kakishima & Tomoe Morimoto, NZ Birds Online

2:20 The Rainmaker - Richard Blacksell 

We speak to a real-life rainmaker - the man responsible for the 12-thousand litres of water in the theatre show, Singin in the rain. He's worked on productions of Sister Act, Hairspray and Saturday Night Fever.  And now Richard Blacksell is coming to New Zealand with the musical Singin' In The Rain

2:30 NZ Reading - Travelling Right

Tommy and Tammy from Tampa set tongues wagging amongst the travellers on a package tour when a woman on the tour is repeatedly seen exiting the Tampa couple's hotel room at all hours of the day and night

2:45 Feature album

Bjork - Debut (1993)

3:10 Tech News - with Paul Brislen  

Digital payments, Wireless charging, Samsung vs Apple, And some of the more entertaining devices coming out: virtual reality for games, privacy glasses that stop facial recognition software from recognising you, a new generation of action cameras (like the Go Pro) that are cheaper and which can be strapped to a cat (cat optional extra) and a Bluetooth walking stick prototype but doesn't become a sword nor does it contain a hip flask of whiskey.

3:30 Monte Cecilia Housing Trust - David Steemson

One of Auckland's biggest emergency housing suppliers is facing challenges to its own future. The Monte Cecilia Housing Trust says it depends on outside help for much of its income. But costs are outstripping the funding

New Zealand Society

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Julie Moffett, Jim Mora, Bernard Hickey and Dita de Boni


Wednesday 5 March


ARTIST: Bruno Mars

TITLE: Uptown Funk

COMP: Ronson,Bhasker,Mars,Lawrence,Gallaspy,Williams

ALBUM: Uptown Special

LABEL: Columbia 505310


ARTIST: The Animals

TITLE: House Of The Rising Sun

COMP: (Tradl)

ALBUM: The Singles Plus

LABEL: EMI 746605

ARTIST: Tom Petty

TITLE: Free Fallin'

COMP: Petty/Lynne

ALBUM: Tom Petty Greatest Hits

LABEL: MCA 110813

ARTIST: Bob Marley

TITLE: No Woman, No Cry

COMP: Ford/Marley

ALBUM: Natty Dread

LABEL: Island 846204


TITLE: Station Approach

COMP: Elbow/Garvey

ALBUM: Leaders Of The Free World

LABEL: V2 132558

ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen

TITLE: Atlantic City

COMP: Springsteen

ALBUM: Nebraska

LABEL: Columbia 438358

ARTIST: Ultravox

TITLE: Vienna

COMP: Curry/Cross/Cann/Ure

ALBUM: Greatest Hits Of The 80's

LABEL: Dusky 579165

ARTIST: The Pogues

TITLE: Dirty Old Town

COMP: Mac Coll

ALBUM: Rum, Sodomy And The Lash

LABEL: Warner 175405

ARTIST: Grace Jones

TITLE: The Apple Stretching

COMP: VanPeebles

ALBUM: The Compass Point Sessions

LABEL: Island 524501



TITLE: Human Behaviour

COMP: Gudmundsdottir, Hooper

ALBUM: Debut

LABEL: Polydor 521323


TITLE: Venus As A Boy

COMP: Bjork

ALBUM: Debut

LABEL: Polydor 521323


TITLE: Bigtime Sensuality

COMP: Bjork, Hooper

ALBUM: Debut

LABEL: Polydor 521323



ARTIST: The Muttonbirds

TITLE: Nature

COMP: Mason

ALBUM: The Mutton Birds

LABEL: BAG 435300