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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 2 March 2015

1:10 Your Song

Young Blood - The Naked And Famous. Chosen by Phil Powers of Oamaru

Nga Taonga Sound Vision1:20 New Zealand Retro: Kiwi Slang  

Margaret MacLagan, an applied linguist from Canterbury, discusses some examples of NZ slang which have stood the test of time. And Leilani Momoisea talks about modern slang, with an emphasis on Pasifika and Maori phrases

Archival audio supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision 

2:10 Earth to Aliens - Seth Shostak

Researchers involved in the search for extra-terrestrial life are considering what message Earth should transmit to outer space. Until now, researchers have been using radio telescope facilities to listen for signals from outer space. But scientists at a recent conference in the United States say it's time to try actively to contact intelligent life on other worlds, by sending our own message out. Not everyone is convinced and some sending a broadcast out into space could be dangerous for human kind and the planet. But one man who thinks it's a necessary step is Seth Shostak. Seth is senior astronomer and director for the Center for Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute, or SETI

2:20 Kihikihi's Space Centre - Dave Owen

One man's love of space has seen him all but quit his day job. Dave Owen's mission to start an educational space centre started when he purchased a spare part of a space toilet.

His collection of space memorabilia grew from there. Now, the Te Awamutu Space Centre has had to move to a bigger premise. Dave Owen is at the space centre in Kihikihi

2:30 NZ Reading - The Edge

A woman on holiday in the tropics grapples with a dark secret in our short story "The Edge"

2:45 Feature album

Plastic Letters.  Blondie (1978)

3:10 Body Found - Gavin Lang

In late January, a body was found at the foot of the Tasman Glacier.  According to reports, it's believed it could be the body of a young climber killed more than 40 years ago.  The police are awaiting DNA results before confirming the man's identity.  But police are understood to believe it is a South Island teenager who died in a slab avalanche near the top of the glacier on September 16, 1973.  Gavin Lang is a guide, climber and photographer who found the body

3:15 Author interview - Micheal Booth

Just about every survey about the best places to live or the happiest people on earth include one or more of the Scandinavian countries. The Nordic nations are often held up as the template for other countries to emulate in education or social and economic development. When British journalist Micheal Booth married his Danish wife and moved to Copenhagen, he says he was bewildered by the reality of life in Denmark versus the hype . He attempts to sent the record straight in his new book, The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia

3:30 Music Therapy - Lisa Thompson

Find out how music therapy is being used to help new New Zealanders settle into Auckland


3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Noelle McCarthy, Jim Mora, Amanda Millar and Chris Trotter



Monday 2 March


ARTIST: The Naked And Famous

TITLE: Young Blood

COMP: Powers,Xayalith,Short

ALBUM: Kiwi Hit Disc 127




ARTIST: Blondie

TITLE: Denis

COMP: Neil Levenson

ALBUM: Plastic Letters

LABEL: Chrysalis 533598

ARTIST: Blondie

TITLE: (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear

COMP: Gary Valentine

ALBUM: Plastic Letters

LABEL: Chrysalis 533598

ARTIST: Blondie

TITLE: Kidnapper

COMP: Destri

ALBUM: Plastic Letters

LABEL: Chrysalis 533598

ARTIST: Blondie

TITLE: Once Had A love (The Disco Song)

COMP: Harry, Stein

ALBUM: Plastic Letters

LABEL: Chrysalis 533598



ARTIST: Mario Lanza

TITLE: Gaudeamus Igitur

COMP: Trad

ALBUM: The Student Prince & The Desert Song

LABEL: RCA 260048