1:10 Your Song

These Hard Times - Matchbox 20. Chosen by Wayne Biggs

1:20 Our New Zealand A to Z - Rugby Fields

Shane Graham - President of Nelson Rugby Football Union

David Kennedy - CEO of the Eden Park Trust

Troy Para - Rugby development officer for Ngati Porou East Coast

2:10 Meteor!

Al Gilmore from Mt John Observatory discusses last night's spectacular astral phenomenon

2:20 Tame Eel Killed  

Nydia Bay is in mourning after the area's famous (and long-lived) pet eel was killed and used as bait 

2:30 NZ Reading - Burton's Tour #4

A whimsical travelogue in which the narrator and her companion Burton enjoy a 'tootling' tour through the back roads of England, Spain and India. In this episode they visit India where they take in an election, visit an Elephant training school then Burton gets an ear ache and has to visit an Indian hospital  

2:45 Feature album

Following on from a major new interview with folk legend Joni Mitchell in this week's New York magazine, the feature album today is "Blue"

3:10 The Expats

New Zealand Soprano Carleen Ebbs talks about her experiences in Britain and Wales

3:35 Our Changing World.

It started out as an experiment driven by curiosity, but a Bay of Plenty farmer discovered that he can produce greener pastures by digging up ancient volcanic soils that lay buried for thousands of years

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Zara Potts, Jock Anderson and Sue Wells