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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 22 January 2015

1:10 Your Song

'The Elizabethan Serenade' - Mantovani Orchestra.  Chosen by Lorraine Chave of Oruanui.  

1:20 New Zealand A to Z - Surfing

A New Zealand surfer tackled another surfer for getting too close to him on a wave

Gareth McNamara riding a 100ft wave in Portugal.

2:10 Preparing for Mars

As part of Nasa's long term planning to send humans to Mars, a team of American scientists is in Rotorua to work with locals on exploration fieldwork. They're testing a new type of space buggy. Professor Steve Pointing is director at the Institute for Applied Ecology at AUT.

2:20 Game Hunting

When Ben Tumata set up his Facebook page a year-and-a-half ago to share his passion for hunting he had no idea it would attract nearly 80,000 followers from all over the world. Now the enterprise has grown into an online magazine and a successful guiding business that is beginning to rival his earnings as an electrician.

2:30 NZ Reading - Rangatira, part 4

Mr Ridgeway reveals that Jenkins plans for the group of Rangatira to perform as entertainers, making money by providing a spectacle for the British public, like the touring Māori Warrior Chiefs. They are angry and argue about the money, but then are invited to meet the Queen and are overwhelmed at the honour and experience.

2:45 Feature album

Feels Like Home - Norah Jones (2004)

3:10 Painting by Numbers - Louisa Buck

Painting by numbers became a craze across the world in the 1950s. BBC art critic, Louisa Buck lifts the lid on Painting by Number kits. From the BBC Arts Hour with Nikki Bedi - Everyone a Rembrandt.

3:20 Hihi on Kapiti Island

When it comes to being a nectar feeder in New Zealand forests hihi - or stitchbirds - are at the bottom of the pecking order. So, to give their translocated populations a leg-up, they are fed sugar water. Alison Ballance joins DoC ranger Nick Fisentzidis on Kapiti Island to find out more about these rare and endearing birds.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:35 1970's Football Violence - Rob Walker of BBC Witness

Violence between English football fans began to spread rapidly in the 1970s. Witness hears from two supporters - Cass Pennant and Dougie Brimson. What made them became involved and why did they later step back from violence?

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Jim Mora, Julie Moffett, Michele A'Court and Tony Doe