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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 21 January 2015

1:10 Your Song

Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks. Chosen by Martin Orchard at the Drury Performance Centre in South Auckland.

1:20 Music Trivia game 

No clues here.  Sorry!

2:10 Te Kohao O Te Ngira Kohanga Reo - Camilla Carty-Melis

A Hamilton woman admits some New Zealanders have not been too happy to hear of her decision to send her young daughter to Maori language daycare. Yesterday Camilla Carty-Melis wrote about sending her daughter, Fern, to Te Kohao O Te Ngira Kohanga Reo. Some thought having a Pakeha youngster at a Kohanga Reo was a good thing, but some didn't like Camilla's reasons for doing so.

2:20 Coppins Para Sea Anchors - Bill Coppins

One South Island family run company has reason to feel more than a little pleased with itself at the moment. Coppins Para Sea Anchors, based in Motueka, has beaten off international competition with a world first design. Its method of anchoring ships which have lost power at sea has been taken up the Norwegian Coast Guard, and other overseas customers seem interested.The company goes back four generations, and current owner designer is Bill Coppins.

2:30 NZ Reading - Rangatira, part 3  

The Rangatira are moved to superior accommodation at the Grosvenor Hotel to make a better impression. They visit the Crystal palace, and are invited to Marlborough House to be presented to the Prince and Princess of Wales. Paratene leads the group in making a gift of his cloak. Jenkins is delighted as they have been accepted into high society.

2:45 Feature album

Tango In The Night - Fleetwood Mac (1990)

3:10 Online with Paul Brislen

Google dumps Google Glass

Innovations in medical monitoring

More interesting wearables

Google and SpaceX launch "LEOs"

3:30 Robotics - Sonia Sly

What should robots be capable of doing and can a ten year old programme a computer? We find out when Sonia Sly meets some engaging and bright young students who are learning how to make robots.

New Zealand Society

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show with Jim Mora, Julie Moffett, Catherine Robertson and Tainui Stephens