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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 20 August 2014

1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Matthew Smith nominated 'The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite' by REM

1:20   Music Trivia Game
ARTIST: Drifters
TITLE:    Up On The Roof
COMP:  King/Goffin
ALBUM: The Definitive Drifters
LABEL:   Atlantic 669408

ARTIST: The Iveys
TITLE:    Maybe Tomorrow
COMP:  Tom Evans
ALBUM: The Best Of Apple Records
LABEL:  Apple 646397

ARTIST: Spanky & Our Gang
TITLE:    Sunday Will Never Be the Same.
COMP:  Terry Cashman, Gene Pestilli
ALBUM:               Made In Dagenham
LABEL:   Universal 533057

ARTIST: Nirvana
TITLE:   Come As You Are
COMP:  Kurt Cobain
ALBUM: Nirvana
LABEL:  Geffen 493507

ARTIST: The Rolling Stones
TITLE:    Lady Jane
COMP:  Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
ALBUM:  After-math
LABEL:   ABCKO  194772

ARTIST: Amy Winehouse
TITLE:   Back To Black
COMP:  Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson
ALBUM:  Back To Black
LABEL:   Island 174909

ARTIST: The Doors
TITLE:    Touch Me
COMP:  Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, Robby Krieger
ALBUM: The Best of The Doors
LABEL:   Elektra 962468
2:10  Feature Story - The Tiller Girls - Irene Holland: She's 84-years-old and still capable of the odd high kick.
Irene Holland, or as she was known on stage… Irene Starr… was part of one of the most famous dance troupes of last century. They were the Tiller Girls, known for glitz, glamour, but also precision and timing.
And that meant Irene performed on stage with some of the biggest stars .. names like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, and Nat King Cole. She's recently released a book, Tales of a Tiller Girl.
Simon talk with Irene Holland from Devon, where she runs a ballet school.
2:30  NZ Reading: Garth Holcombe reads part three of our Australian novel   'Tuvalu' by Andrew O'Connor.
BOOK: Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor  Pub: Allen and Unwin ISBN -1741148715

2:45  Feature Album - Pacific Ocean Blue - Dennis Wilson

3:10 Online with Hamish MacEwan.
3:30 Roadside Car Sales - Jerome Cvitanovich: Bargain hunters looking for a cheap car are finding sellers on city roadsides these days but not everyone's happy about it. In fact the Hutt City Council is considering tightening the bylaws on roadside selling or even banning it, following complaints about a dealer selling vehicles in the High Street.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show -  Julie Moffett today with what the world's talking about. The song to slow down Ebola, a Pope on limited time, the kindle versus the book, the chicken wing takes flight and the rise also of bourbon, why birds taking flight in California are bursting into flames. Growing smaller fruit trees to save orchards money. Goodbye towering, shady plum.