1:10   Best Song Ever Written - 'Dead Souls' by Joy Division, nominated by David Boyle of Wellington


1:20   The Critics

TV - Irene Gardiner
Books - Vanda Symon
"MiStory"  By Philip Temple
Music - Nick Atkinson
Web - Ben Gracewood

Unfollow a Man Movement
Facebook tests [Satire] tag to help users
Twitter Robot Teenager chats with real teenagers, and other bots
2:10 Help for the Homeless - Amy Burke - Christchurch woman, Amy Burke, has been helping the Christchurch homeless all this winter. Her organisation is called Help for the Homeless and she spends every day collecting and distributing food, blankets, clothes and toiletries to the city's most needy. It's become a full time job for Amy and she's had to quit her job just to keep up with the demands.

2:20  Our First Internet Hookup - John Houlker - Back in 1989, New Zealand made its first internet connection. The connection that was plugged into the University of Waikato was the first internet connection in the entire Asia Pacific region. We speak to the man who plugged in our very first router, John Houlker, about the rocky path to our connectivity.

2:30  NZ Reading - Garth Holcombe reads Part Two of  'Tuvalu' by Andrew O'Connor
Self-absorbed, rich, Mami Kaketa always gets her own way.  And it is easy for her to insist that Noah Tuttle, a young Australian subsisting in Tokyo, join her on a trip to the large artificial island of Odaiba   with its futuristic Fiju TV headquarters. We join them in part two of the novel "Tuvalu" at . .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor  Pub: Allen and Unwin ISBN -1741148715

2:45  Feature Album -  'I'm Still in Love with You' - Al Green (1972)

3:10   Feature Interview - Clifton Truman Daniel - His Grandfather was responsible for unleashing Nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now Clifton Truman Daniel works to end the threat nuclear weapons. He says the generation that survived the blasts is dying... and so too the reminders about the real effects of Nuclear War. We'll talk to Clifton Truman Daniel about his visit to Japan to meet the survivors of the bombing his Grandfather ordered in 1945.

3:30  Desirable But Deadly - Alison Ballance - Many years ago sugar was nick-named 'white death', and new evidence shows how true this is, with high sugar consumption being linked to increasing blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels, as well as weight gain. University of Otago nutrition expert Lisa Te Morenga Alison Ballance to a supermarket to show her just how much sugar is in every day food.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - Zara Potts reveals what the world's talking about today: The most influential city in the world, Facebook thinks we're a thick and need stories signposted. The grit behind the Little House On The Prairie. The boom food and the boom drink at the moment, what to beware of in Rome, Latin makes a comeback, and where a goalkeeper should stand during penalty shootouts.