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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 21 August 2014


1:10   Best Song Ever Written - 'April Come She Will' by Simon and Garfunkel - and nominated by Jim Halligan of Christchurch.

1:20  Our New Zealand A to Z feature takes us whitebaiting today.  Our tour guides are:  Des McEnaney, Bev Christiansen and Ona Heaslip.

2:10  Huntley Mine Disaster - David Thorpe: Original music dedicated to the miners who died in the Huntly mine disaster 100 years ago will be performed next month when the tragedy is commemorated. Forty-three coal miners were killed when the Ralph Mine exploded on September 12 1914. The music has been written by a Christchurch man, following the chance discovery of a memorial stone in Manchester a couple of years ago.
David Thorpe and his wife Rebecca believed they were the only members of their families to have ever travelled to New Zealand.  But the memorial stone revealed a great great uncle of Rebecca's had also emigrated and had not lived in New Zealand long, before tragedy struck.

2:20  The Three Minute Thesis Competition - Alesana Pala'amo: It can take years of study involves detailed research ..original interviews ..and you often end up with a book. So how to summarise a phd thesis and present it to an audience in just three minutes? That's what phd students have done around the country recently in the annual Three Minute Thesis competition. Simon talks with the winner from Massey University, Alesana Pala'amo.

2:30  NZ Reading - Garth Holcombe with part four of our Australian novel, ' 'Tuvalu' by Andrew O'Connor
Tuvalu by Andrew O'Connor  Pub: Allen and Unwin ISBN -1741148715

2:45  Feature Album - September of My Years - Frank Sinatra (1965)

3:10  Stroke Rehab - Simon Morton:Stroke rehabilitation technology that uses an adapted video games console to restore and improve movement.Fiona and Colin Weston and Elliott Kernohan, the CEO of Im-Able, speaking to This Way Up's Simon Morton.

3:20 Mind-Controlled Robots -  Ruth Beran - Imagine controlling a robot with your mind. Nathan Scott from the Auckland University of Technology shows Ruth Beran how a small robot can be directed just by using facial expressions, and explains how the technology is being developed to assist people who've had a stroke or spinal injury to control an exoskeleton or a speaking machine by thought alone.

3:30  Carlos the Jackal - Alex Last of BBC Witness: In 1994, 'Carlos the Jackal' was arrested in Khartoum after decades on the run. We speak to a former CIA operative, Billy Waugh, who tracked him down.

3:45  Panel Pre-Show - What the world's talking about today, Julie Moffett with that. Two ingredients for a happy marriage, one involving some expense. Retired Husband Syndrome, which sounds like the opposite of a happy marriage. The burger bot that will revolutionise fast food and the common antibiotic being linked with heart disease. Women and gaming now, we have equal opportunity screentime. The butterfly that won't do what Charles Darwin said.