1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Lisa Williams of Havelock North nominated 'Have I Told You Lately' by Van Morrison

1:20   The Critics:

TV review -  Irene Gardiner

House of Cards series two - TV3, Sunday nights at 10.30pm

Scandal series three - TV2, Tuesday nights, around 10.30/11pm

Books - Dr Cushla McKinney: 'The First 15 Lives of Harry August'  by  Claire North

Music - Nick Atkinson

ARTIST: Marika Hodgson Feat: Noah Slee                            

TITLE:    Parallel Love                                                                                                                                          

COMP: Marika Hodgson, Noah Slee, Myele Manzanza

ALBUM: Single

LABEL:   Private 


ARTIST: Electric Wire Hustle                                                                                                                        

TITLE:    Bottom Line       

COMP:  Electric Wire Hustle

ALBUM: If These Are The Last Days  (E.P.)

LABEL:   Every Waking Hour

Web  - Steve McCabe

Down for everyone or just me? (website) 

IFL Science

Mystery Hour (podcast)

No Such Thing As A Fish (podcast)

2:10  Titanic Lessons - Professor Schofield: More than a hundred years on from the sinking of the Titanic, one maritime expert believes the shipping industry still has not learnt the lessons of that tragedy.Professor Clive Schofield of the University of Woollongong is also a member of Australia's National Centre for Ocean Research and Security.

He says recent disasters such as the sinkings of the South Korean ferry Sewol and the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, reveal continuing problems over the deployment of lifeboats. And he says cost cutting is also a common thread ..particularly so in the case of the Rena disaster here.

2:20  Maori Instrument Maker - Tamihana Katene: Porirua local Tamihana Katene is a computer software developer by day.. but by night he can be found fashioning and playing taonga puoro - traditional maori instruments.

2:30  NZ Reading: Part two of our five part reading of Still Alive, by Panni Thomas and Pauline Cartwright, a true story of survival under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

MUSIC DETAILS:Crossing the Mekong by Hekemian, tk 33 KOK 2195

2:45  Feature Album -  Selling England by the Pound - Genesis (1973): Genesis are to re-unite for the first time since 1975, to reminisce about their band days for a BBC documentary.         

3:10  Feature interview - Jonathan Williams: Embracing failure - we'll talk to one of the founders of a new form of inspirational seminar called a Failure lab... where all the speakers talk about what hasn't worked in their lives.. failed businesses to fleeting fame .. failure labs are catching on around the world. The link:http://failure-lab.com/

3:30  Sight Singing App - Ruth Beran: Sight singing from music is a difficult skill to learn at home because the singer never knows if they've hit the right note. To combat this problem Judy Bellingham, from the Department of Music at the University of Otago, and Geoff Wyvill, from the Department of Computer Science, are collaborating to develop an app for sight singing, as Ruth Beran discovers.

3:45  With What The World's Talking About  today, Zara Potts: Greenpeace's financial setback, how many steps a day you should be walking, if possible; a big study into the effects of Ecstasy, short-term and long-term. The psychology of food cravings, and it's a bit like the psychology of drug cravings. The imported honey that's not honey, the wonderful clean Japanese football fans, the cancers you get from sitting down all day, not meaning to sound flippant about it, and the Swedish city that wants to ban homework.