1:10   Best Song Ever Written: Paul Arnold of Christchurch nominated 'Danny, Teach Me To Dance' by Vicky Leandros

1:20  Our Retro feature revisits 1978 including Meda McKenzie's famous Cook Strait swim - and the first Nambassa Hippies festival that year.

2:10  Global Adventurer - Stanley Paris: Dunedin-born Stanley Paris is a 76 year old global adventurer and last time we spoke to him he was about to attempt to sail around the world solo.
That was back in November. Unfortunately things didn't go to plan and he had to pull out of the attempt less than 60 days into the voyage. But the setback hasn't blown the wind out of his adventurous sails.

2:20 The Maracanazo - Brazil vs Uruguay 1950: How Brazil was traumatised by losing the World Cup the last time it was played there.
2:30  NZ Reading: Kannha Mao with episode one of our five part reading of  Still Alive, written for radio by  Panni Thomas and Pauline Cartwright.
Despite huge loss and hardship, Panni Thomas, now living in Central Otago's Alexandra, survived the Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia. Her story begins in 1975 when she and her family are forced to leave their comfortable city home to work in the countryside.
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Crossing the Mekong by Hekemian, tk 33 KOK 2195

2:45  Feature Album -  'An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down'
by Rod Stewart  (1969)
3:10  Feature interview - Joe Hanson.
Science writer and blogger, Joe Hanson explores the science of the hit TV Show, Game of Thrones, which has now overtaken The Sopranos as the most-watched show on HBO. The link
3:30  Top Chef - Lynda Chanwai-Earle: Coming up at 3:30: What's for lunch Mr President? How many Kiwis can say they've appeared on Oprah and Iron Chef America or made meals for the President of the United States? Anthony Hoy Fong has soared to great heights in the culinary world, most recently setting up a top Chef University to help young, aspiring cooks. Lynda Chanwai-Earle catches this chef extraordinaire during a flying visit to Auckland to hear more.

3:45  Zoe George today on What The World's Talking About: It's not just zealotry driving the ISIS insurgents in Iraq, it's money - enormous money. The virtue for your waistline of sleeping in on the weekend. The vital importance of shoes for women, new research. The cool kids at school - they don't stay cool, often. The $200 cup that tells you exactly what's inside it; this was one of those kickstarter projects I think, and took a long time to come to market, but it's there now. And yes or no to calling your exes and apologising for any caddish or bitchy behaviours before you tie the knot with the right person...