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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 14 April 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Trevor Cundall of Leeston nominated "Are 'Friends' Electric?" by English New Wave band Tubeway Army from their 1979 album Replicas.

1:25 Eight Months to Mars - One of our great runners and an Olympic marathon medallist Lorraine Moller goes to Mars.

2:10 Stormy Crossing - Lisa Blair: Facing storms at sea is something that sailor, Lisa Blair is used to. However, the one she encountered last week while sailing from Australia to New Zealand was one out of the box. She was crossing the Tasman in order to land here to compete in the solo trans Tasman race.. which begins on Sunday. Now she's spending the week doing some repairs on her boat, to make sure she's ready to go on Sunday morning.

2:20  Stamp in the Creek - David McGill: David McGill may well be one of our most prolific writers. He's penned 51 books over thirty five years.. around an average of one and a half books a year..or as he says, nearly five million words.
But there's a price to pay with having written so many words.. and for David that's his eyesight and back.
He has just celebrated his latest book with his last ever launch... a book that is a fictionalised account of an idyllic childhood growing up in a small Bay of Plenty town.

The book:Stamp in the Creek

2:30 NZ Reading: We're beginning a 3-part adaptation of the  Lloyd Jones' story "Searching for Space". The reader is Jonathan Hendry. A child recalls his family's slow disintegration as both parents found another partner
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Hayden/Hayden / Int CD 4001 / track 53  Dur:1:00

2:45  Feature Album -  Us - the sixth studio album (and ninth album overall) by British rock musician Peter Gabriel, originally released in 1992.      

3:10  Feature Interview: Helicopter Parents -  Lisa Endlich Heffernan: Another guest thinks there's a case for nagging your kids about doing your homework... Lisa Endlich Heffernan is a former Vice President at Goldman Sachs and now writes books about raising children. She says the backlash against helicopter parenting has gone too far and letting kids learn from consequences is unrealistic.


3:30 Throne of Emperors - Lynda Chanwai-Earle: He explored the world before Columbus. Lynda meets Te Papa's curators to learn about two thousand years of Chinese history through the reigns of seven emperors. Showcasing rare cultural treasures, including two thousand year-old silks the exhibition Throne of Emperors profiles one emperor famous for his vast sea faring armada and maritime exploration during the 1400's.
The link: Voices

4:06 Ali Jones and Rob Salmond are on The Panel today:  Kim Dotcom and the Mana Party, and off the back of that discussion another one regarding the feasibility of a Universal Benefit, that idea being touted at the weekend by both John Minto and Gareth Morgan. Should you rent or should you buy in the current housing market? Miss Bikini NZ and the question of how svelte women need to be. Has a decade or more of refining alcohol treatment worked or not? Grim news from a global drug and alcohol abuse survey. The big salaries of the people with the job of distributing money from pokies, and the further delay in finding out what went wrong in kohanga reo.