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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 15 April 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Nick Bond of Ngaio, Wellington nominated "Paradise" by Coldplay. 

1:25 Critical Mass

Books - Vanda Symon - "The Farm" by Tom Rob Smith
Music - Nick Atkinson

ARTIST:    Earl Hooker
TITLE:    Two Bugs and a Roach                
COMP:    Earl Hooker    
DUR:        1' 10"    
ALBUM:    Two Bugs and a Roach                 
LABEL:    Arhoolie     

ARTIST:    Aldous Harding            
TITLE:      Merriweather    
COMP:    Aldous Harding    
DUR:        5' 10"
ALBUM:    Aldous Harding       
LABEL:    Lyttelton

Web - Ele Ludemann

Ele's links: "What Face Book is doing to your brain":
"The most challenging dinner guests ever and how to feed them"

TV review - Phil Wallington - Anzac Day lookahead            

2:10 'Father of the 747' - Joe Sutter: Forty five years ago...the Boeing 747 took her first flight... changing the aviation industry forever and ushering in an age of easier, safer air travel. It took a team of engineers about three and half years to design this plane, that would be the biggest commercial aeroplane, and that many critics said would never fly. The man leading the engineering programme was Joe Sutter. He's now known as the 'Father of the 747' and the very first plane he and his team designed and built is now undergoing a restoration in his home town of Seattle.

The link:

2:20 The Bella a Cappella Group - Patti Cooke: Nine women choruses and quartets will gather in Auckland in a fortnight to compete for a chance to fly to Las Vegas, and become the worlds best. The Sweet Adelines convention will take place in early May. It's a glitzy and glamorous gala of music with women around the country who compete with each other they say, and not against each other.  There is a black sheep in the competition this year.
Bella a Capella from the Bay of Islands is a new entrant to Sweet Adelines - which is notoriously hard to get into.

2:30 Reading:  The second instalment of Lloyd Jones' 3-part story "Searching for Space", in which a child recalls his family's slow disintegration as both parents found another partner.

2:45  Feature Album - Blood on the Tracks by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. (1975)

3:10 Teenage author - Maya Van Wagenen:she's risen to fame keeping a diary about her efforts in middle school, intermediate school, trying to become popular, and her strategy was based around following antiquated tips from a 1950s self-help book, Betty Cornell's Glamour Guide for Teens. Stephen Speilberg's has bought the rights to Maya's book, 'Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek.

3:30 Science Drones - Alison Ballance: When Barbara Breen from AUT mentioned to a colleague that there must be a better way of collecting aerial photographs than flying in a small plane she set in motion a collaboration that now uses UAVs - or umanned aerial vehicles - to remotely take photographs from the sky. Alison Ballance meets the SwampFox UAV, its two pilots and takes a virtual flight in Antarctica.

Stories from Our Changing World.

4:06  Andrew Clay and Catherine Roberston are on The Panel today. John Key's image appearing in Chinese ads, John Key's company at dinner raising money for the Maori Party, John Key saying his appearance at a fund-raising event for ACT doesn't necessarily connote support for ACT in Epsom. The blood moon and what it may portend, is it better to rent houses or buy them in the current market, will Chinese people buying our houses really dispossess us, and if you have the right to a state house what is your corresponding responsibility?