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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 11 April 2014

1:10 Best song ever written - Rocky Racoon by the Beatles chosen by Jeanie Simpson from Paihiatua.

1:15 NZ Live - Auckland's Black Sand Diva. 

2:10 Gallipoli - Glyn Harper
What happened at Gallipoli is familiar to everyone in New Zealand, but some aspects of the story have been challenged by a leading military historian. Glyn Harper is a professor of war studies at Massey University and has researched what really happened during that fateful campaign. His series of public lectures on the topic has garnered much interest - as has his books.His latest offering - about two brothers writing to each other during World War One - is being launched tonight. While a book he published two years ago - also about the war, but told through the eyes of a child - has been chosen as a gift for the young Prince George, or his parents anyway. That'll be presented to them during their royal visit tomorrow.

2:20 Eyewitness - Transforming a Nation: 1994 General Election of South Africa - Beth Houston
Beth Houston was a volunteer election observer at a polling booth at the most significant event in South African history - the 1994 general election where for the first time citizens of all races were given the right to vote.

2:30 Reading
The final episode of 'Bishops' - as Mona Williams picks up the story of her school-days from the point where she  gained her GCE - The English General Certificate of Education that was the goal of the best students in British Guiana during the 1950s. Mona had faced a lot of conflict to achieve that certificate, and she has become mature enough to see what it represented for others and for her own future.

2:45 Feature album - Heart Like a Wheel - Linda Ronstadt (1974)

3:08 One stop shop

Fresh Fast Food - Richard Till
Veal (or Beef) Schnitzel:
Veal (or Beef) Olives:

 Weekend Wine - Belinda Jackson

 Movie Review - Sarah McMullan

3:30 Latte Champs - Emma Markland Webster  
Ask any barista and they'll tell you there's quite an art to making the perfect cup of coffee. If a latte or flat-white is your coffee of choice, you'll probably be familiar with the designs often put in the froth of the milk - usually it's a fern, but hearts and flowers are also popular. This weekend baristas from around the country will be creating mini masterpieces in their milk when they compete at the National Latte Art Championship in Auckland

4:06 The Panel with Sapna Samant and Neil Miller
The question of whether we need to continue supporting Lydia Ko with taxpayer money; the hotel that wants to call itself the Gramsci; the Heatbleed computer virus; the blue lines that will warn us about tsunamis; and the Oscar Pistorius trial.