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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 10 April 2014

1:10 Best song ever written - 32 Flavours by Ani Difranco chosen by Adrienne Buckingham of Dunedin.

1:15 Your place -  Otira
The central South Island village of 40 people, just north of Arthurs Pass, and on the comeback trail.

2:10 The Adventurers - Steve Gurney and Steve Moffatt
Steve Gurney and Steve Moffatt have been retracing some of New Zealand's early adventurers' tracks. The duo have followed the path of George, William and James Parks - the first Coast to Coasters, and Mt Cook climbers George Manning and Marmaduke Dixon. The idea behind the adventures was to learn from these pioneering men and to discover whether modern technology really helps, or hinders. Last time we spoke to them they had just come down from Mt Cook, now they've completed their third adventure, kayaking around the top of the South Island.

2:20 The Duck Caller - Phill Robb
We are off to Southland on the hunt for the perfect duck call. Invercargill duck hunting enthusiasts Phill Robb and friend Steve Rodgers were after the perfect duck caller too, and over a beer the two had a "eureka" moment to create their own, New Zealand Made handmade wooden callers... something which is hard to come by in this country.Their adventure started four months ago, and with only three weeks out from duck hunting season the duo are busy tuning their callers.


2:30 Reading
To continue our adaptation of Mona Williams' autobiography - set in the 1950s in what was known as British Guiana. Mona is boarding with Miss Mae and supporting herself by teaching the beginner's class at ballet. Now in her fifth form year, it's time to sit her "O-Levels". Mona Williams reads part nine of "Bishops".

2:45 Feature album - The 20/20 Experience (also known as The 20/20 Experience - 1 of 2) - Justin Timberlake.(2013)

3:12 Heading Underground - Simon Morton
Simon Morton of This Way Up heads underground into an historic tunnel system that was once home to a really big gun!

3:20 Online Drinking Culture - Ruth Beran
A new study shows that the drinking culture of young New Zealanders is strongly tied to their use of social networking sites, especially Facebook. Ruth Beran chats to some young men about their use of Facebook, as well as the Massey University researchers, led by Antonia Lyons.

3:30 Georgia's Struggle for Independence - Tom Esslemont from BBC Witness
On 9 April, 1989, Soviet troops and tanks crushed a mass demonstration in Georgia's capital Tbilisi. Hear from two demonstrators on the streets of the capital that night.

4:06 The Panel - Michelle Boag and Brian Edwards
Do we want another chapter in the Phillipstown School saga; how much of what Don Brash is saying in his memoirs is correct, in the view of our panellists; how do we pay for our civic infrastructures in the age of burgeoning costs; and what is your favourite number? Also, chats about Game Of Thrones; the Warriors; and the best place to visit in Australasia.