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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 27 March 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Bill Hales from Auckland nominated 'Broken Hearted Melody' sung by Sarah Vaughan in 1959.

1:25 Your Place, Seddonville on The West Coast .. named after Prime Minister, Richard Seddon - and New Zealand's first state owned coal mine opened there in 1903.

2:10 The Long-distance Cyclist - Jeremy Scott: From London to Nelson and everywhere inbetween, an Auckland man is nearing the end of a three year odyssey around the world... and he did it all on two wheels.
Jeremy Scott worked as a draftsman in England for ten years before departing to return home in 2011 on a bicycle.
His journey took him to 29 countries, through Europe, the Middle East, the heart of Asia, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia before setting foot back in Christchurch of the 4th of February.
It was a 50-thousand kilometre ride by a man who, at the age of only four, went through open heart surgery.

2:20  The Warbirds and Wheels Auction - Ed Taylor: Millions of dollars of classic cars, motorcycles and warbird aircraft go under the hammer this Sunday at Warbirds and Wheels in Wanaka.  On the block are thirty private classic cars, 20 classic motorcycles, three warbirds - including a Tigermoth - as well as memorabilia.

2:30 Reading - Bruce Phillips reads 'Return To England'    - episode fourteen  in our adaptation of Archibald Baxter's book 'We Will Not Cease' .

2:45 Our Feature Album is 'Out Among the Stars', a new posthumous Johnny Cash album from lost early 1980s sessions with famous countrypolitan producer, Billy Sherrill.

3:10  The Wellington Off Road Riding Department - Simon Morton: Ash Burgess is a super-keen mountain biking instructor, who teaches children and adults how to ride.

3:20 Brain Stimulation for Depression - Ruth Beran: Researchers in Sydney are trialling two types of electrical brain stimulation to treat people with depression.

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:30 Another Missing Plane Mystery - Paul Schuster from BBC Witness: In 1947, passenger plane Star Dust vanished without trace over the Andes, after sending a cryptic final message via Morse code. Its disappearance sparked rumours of espionage and alien abduction, but the truth of its fate was finally revealed in 2000. Hear from the relatives of those on board.
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4:06 Don Donovan and Chris Trotter are on The Panel today: The Paora Maxwell appointment at Maori Television - a couple of questions. Party pills and synthetic cannabinoids causing anguish so do we think NZ's pioneering approach to legalising them is working? Auckland about to face a debt crunch. Does being happier make you more productive, or does being more productive make you happier? Is there anything wrong with Kim Dotcom owning a signed copy of Mein Kampf ? How come the suburbs with the best rental returns for landlords are mostly suburbs well away from the action in our cities according to the new Westpac survey and are they actually a good bet for landlords, and the online thoughts of Lorde's boyfriend.