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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 26 March 2014

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Andrew La Grouw of Nelson nominated 'Prelude to 110 or 220/Women of the World' by Jim O'Rourke

1:15 Link 3 - the songs:

ARTIST:    The Offspring
TITLE:        Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
COMP:    Dexter Holland, Greg K, Noodles, Ron Welty
ALBUM:    Americana  -  Track 4
LABEL:    Columbia 491 656

ARTIST:    The Rolling Stones
TITLE:        Honky Tonk Women
COMP:    Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
ALBUM:    Hot Rocks 1967-1971  -  CD 2 / TK 4
LABEL:    ABKCO 844475

ARTIST:    Hugh Masekela
TITLE:        Grazing In The Grass
COMP:    Philemon Hou
ALBUM:    Chart Bisters USA Vol 3  -  Track 23
LABEL:    ACE 718902

The answer: Cowbells. 

ARTIST:    Anton Karas
TITLE:        The Third Man Theme (The Harry Lime Theme)
COMP:    Anton Karas
DUR:        2' 09" [Cold]
ALBUM:    The Third Man Theme & Other Original Recordings  -  Track 1
LABEL:    Jasmine / JASCD  123

ARTIST:    The Hooters
TITLE:        And We Danced
COMP:    Eric Bazilian, Bob Hyman
ALBUM:    New Wave Hits of the 70s & 80s  -  CD 3 / TK 14
LABEL:    Sony 461170

ARTIST:    Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
TITLE:        Tijuana Taxi
COMP:    Ervan Coleman
ALBUM:    The Very Best of Herb Alpert  -  Track 3
LABEL:    A&M 397 165

ARTIST:    Boney M

TITLE:        Rasputin
COMP:    Frank Farian, Fred Jay, George Reyam
ALBUM:    Greatest Hits; Boney M  -  Track 5
LABEL:    BMG 189614

ARTIST:    The Tornados
TITLE:        Telstar
COMP:    Joe Meek
ALBUM:    Telstar: The Hits of Joe Meek  -  CD 2 / TK 1
LABEL:    Castle 730651

ARTIST:    Trio
TITLE:        Da da Da
COMP:    Stephan Remmler, Gert 'Kralle' Krawinkel
ALBUM:    The Look of Love  -  Track 14
LABEL:    Spectrum 695452

ARTIST:    Lily Allen

TITLE:        Everyone's At It
COMP:    Lily Allen, Greg Kurstin
DUR:        4' 34" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    It's Not Me, It's You  -  Track 1
LABEL:    Regal 864129

2:10 Thirty Years Since Poi E - Claire Bowes of BBC Witness
Going back 30 years to recall such a memorable moment in New Zealand's pop history. The first time a te reo Maori song reached number one on the charts. Poi E by The Pātea Māori Club was written by linguist, Ngoi Pewhairangi with music by Dalvanius Prime to rally young Māori - in a music format they could relate to.

Dalvanius setup his own label after rejection from other record companies, called Maui Records. They recorded 'Poi E' in late 1983 with the The Pātea Māori Club providing the vocals above its now legendary funky rhythm that features bass, Linn drums and a synthesiser.

Shortly we'll find out from The Patea Maori Club about their on going work now, but interestingly enough we have an international perspective on Poe E's impact in 1984. Claire Bowes of BBC Witness sent this out globally this morning.

2:20 The Patea Maori Club 30 Years On - Janine Maruera: The Patea Maori Club is still going strong 30-plus years after the success of Poi E - performing regularly around the country and overseas too. The club is an integral part of the community - and while some of the original members who started the group in the 1970s aren't around anymore - there are plenty of young performers keen to keep the traditional songs going. Janine Maruera and her husband Andy are the two tutors.

2:30 Reading: Bruce Phillips reads 'Hospital'  - episode thirteen of our fifteen-part adaptation of Archibald Baxter's book 'We Will Not Cease' .

2:45 Feature Album - Astral Weeks - Van Morrison's enduring 1968 classic, just named at Number Two by Rolling Stone magazine on one of its many lists, this time the 20 Best SECOND Albums of All Time.

3:12 Virtual World - Dr Jules Older:

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3:30 The Island Child Trust - Lisa Thompson: An emergency housing programme in East Auckland was due to shut its doors this month because of a lack of funding.  However the Tamaki community has other ideas.

The link: New Zealand Society

4:06 On The Panel today are Rosemary McLeod and Lyndsay Freer. The latest and seemingly most plausible theory on the Malaysian plane, but also other questions, about the ways this may change aviation procedure. The confusion now over what Ernst & Young investigators were and weren't allowed to look into in their Kohanga Reo enquiry. How the number of your house can affect its sale price. The serious-sounding flu, and what you should do. The sad sale of the art deco buses in Hawkes Bay, the joys of the South Island and more pay for teachers on school camps.